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As an academic Department of Psychiatry, research and scholarship represent important components of our mission. Clinically-oriented research is essential to develop better understanding of the etiology of major psychiatric disorders and to develop new and more effective approaches to treatment.

This website provides a brief introduction to our research faculty and their specific areas of interest. The website also provides a guide to our research programs, including the Commonwealth Research Center with its extensive research initiatives focused on psychosis, and our Brain Imaging Laboratory (B-SNAP), which focuses on brain spectroscopy and neuroimaging. Other pages describe the Eating Disorders Research Program; the Neurophysiology / Sleep Studies Unit; the Transplant Behavioral Research Program; Women's Mental Health Research; and the preclinical Neurophysiology Laboratory.

In the setting of our research units and laboratories, the department provides a range of research training opportunities for psychiatric residents, post-doctoral fellows, medical students and graduate students. Our research and research training programs are supported through grants and endowments from the federal government, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and research foundations, as well as through the generous contributions of individual donors. We hope that this website will provide a useful guide for interested students, research collaborators and clinical colleagues.