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HIV Transplantation Program

Multi-site Solid Organ Transplant in HIV+ persons Study

This is a multicenter study to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of liver and kidney transplants in a selected group of HIV+ persons in 20 centers across the United States. Sponsors include the National Institutes of Health and the University of California, San Francisco.  The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is the only clinical New England site participating in the program, and has been very actively involved since February 2004.  We have a multidisciplinary approach with liver specialists, HIV experts, surgeons, pharmacologists and nurse practitioners who work with the patient and his or her primary HIV provider and liver or kidney specialist. 

Participation must include:

  • Must meet transplantation criteria
  • Must have CD4 count >200 (kidney) or >100 (liver*)
  • Must meet HIV viral load criteria
  • Persons with prior opportunistic infections will be considered (* must have CD4 count > 200 in this case)
  • Pediatric populations are being enrolled at selected sites only (BIDMC only transplants adults (persons older than 18 years of age).

Interested persons should contact the Transplant Center at: 617-632-9700. 

The Team includes:

Douglas Hanto, MD, PHD , Director, Transplantation, and program PI
Michael Wong, MD , Infectious Diseases and co-PI
Scott Johnson, MD, Transplant Surgeon and co-PI
Michael Curry, MD , Transplant Hepatology
Seth Karp, MD , Transplant Surgeon
Didier Mandelbrot, MD, Transplant Nephrology
Martha Pavlakis, MD , Transplant Nephrology
Lori Panther, MD MPH, Infectious Diseases

Louise Reimer, ANP, MSN, Transplant Coordinator, Renal
Christin Rogers, Pharm D, Pharmacologist