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Gastrointestinal Cancer Research

Gastrointestinal Hematology Oncology Research concentrates on clinical and translational research to find new and more personalized treatment for areas of GI, Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Cancers. The physicians collaborate with research scientists of the Cancer Center at BIDMC to advance our knowledge of the genomics and pathogeneses of these cancers and to bring cutting-edge treatments to our patients. 

The Gastrointestinal Hematology Oncology Research program physicians/researchers include Drs. Elizabeth Buchbinder, Andrea Bullock, Rebecca Miksad and Susan Pandya. Supporting their clinical research are Adrianna Cortez, Clinical Research Associate and Meagan Lynch, Research Nurse.

Dr. Buchbinder's translational research focuses on Hepatobiliary cellular cancer. In collaboration with the scientists of the cancer research program, she is working to understand the mechanisms involved in the PI3K pathways. She has created a tissue bank as a clinical data base to develop better personalized treatment protocols.

Dr. Bullock's clinical research areas of interest include Pancreatic and Colorectal cancers and translational research in pancreatic cancer to understand the pathogenesis of the disease and develop new treatments with BRCA as a target. She is also involved is Health Services research that most recently has examined the economics of cancer care from the patient's perspective and the role of the physician.

Dr. Miksad is engaged in translational clinical trial and health services/outcomes research. Her research focuses on improving treatments and outcomes for patients with Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Cancer. 

Dr. Pandya's clinical interests include pancreatic and colon cancers. She is the overall Principal Investigator for a multi-center international Phase II clinical trial in pancreatic cancer. She is the associated director of the experimental therapeutics program at BIDMC which offers novel targeted drugs for clinical testing. 

Recent publications:

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