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Current Projects

Cerebromicrovascular Disease in Elderly with Diabetes (5R01-AG0287601A2)

This study investigates the impact of type 2 diabetes on cerebral perfusion and brain tissue damage and on cognition and balance in older adults. MRI and Transcranial Doppler ultrasound will be utilized to determine the clinical impact in diabetic and control subjects over 2 years of follow-up. This study will provide invaluable data about the effects of diabetes on cerebral perfusion that can translate into new diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets for management of diabetic brain damage.

Enhancement of Vasoreactivity and Cognition using Intranasal Insulin

This randomized controlled trial evaluates whether intranasal administration of insulin improves vascular reactivity and cognition in type 2 diabetic patients as compared to placebo and the control group.

Tai-chi, Physiologic Complexity and Healthy Aging (1R21-AT005501-01A1)

This two-arm randomized controlled trial evaluates if six months of Tai Chi training, as compared to a waitlist control receiving standard medical care, can enhance physiological complexity and adaptability in older, Tai Chi-naïve adults.  Secondary goals of the study are to characterize the relationship between complexity biomarkers, measures of function, and resilience. 

Sensory Loss, Balance and Neural Adaptation in Aging

The aims of this pilot grant, supported by an International Young Investigator Award to Dr. Manor from the National Science Foundation of China, are to 1) utilize functional MR imaging to determine the brain’s response to walking-related foot sole pressure stimulation, and 2) determine the association between the brain’s response to foot stimulation and balance in this population.

Modeling of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Hemodynamics

A multicompartmental physiological model of short-term- cardiovascular and cerebrovascular regulation during orthostatic stress allows prediction and estimates of mechanisms of postural control (in collaboration with Dr. Olufsen, NCS).

Modeling of Intracranial Pressure

 Noninvasive monitoring of intracranial pressure is based on a needed in many areas of critical and investigative medicine (in collaboration with Dr.Verghese, Dr. Heldt and Dr.Kashif of MIT).

Modeling of the Impact of Obesity in the World

Overall goal is to develop a simulator using agent-based and social-network modeling.