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Laboratory on Somatic Mitochondrial Genetics of Aging

Mitochondrial Function

Konstatin Khrapko, PhD is investigating the roles, if any, that accumulating somatic mitochondrial DNA mutations are playing in the aging process and age-associated degenerative diseases.


Konstantin Khrapko, PhD

Yevgenia Kraytsberg, PhD

Alexander Nicholas, PhD


mtDNA mutations in brain aging: a single-cell approach

02/01/07-01/31/12 NIA/NIH R01 PI

Oxidative Stress, α-Synuclein, and Mitochondrial DNA Mutations in Parkinson Disease

09/30/07-03/31/12 NIH R01 Investigator

Development of high throughput mtDNA sequencing for mutation detection and heteroplasmy assessment.

09/01/07-08/31/09 United Mitochondrial disease foundation