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The overall aim of the Division of Genetics is to understand how alterations to our genes contribute to disease development. While there are a number of critical factors that influence our normal development it is our genes that determine the real potential of what we can become. Similarly, it is alterations and differences in our genes that drive disease progression and ultimately determine our susceptibility to disease progression.

Recent years have seen tremendous technological advances that have allowed us to gain significant insight into how our genes are organized in chromosomes, how their expression is regulated, and how alterations in both control of expression and sequence contribute to disease development.

Here in the Division of Genetics we are utilizing this knowledge to develop new models that faithfully mimic human diseases. These models are then used to understand how defined genetic alterations impact on disease initiation and progression, while at the same time they present themselves as an ideal pre-clinical resource for the evaluation and development of therapies to eradicate these diseases.

Currently the Division of Genetics has a strong focus on cancer, using leukemia and prostate cancer models, amongst others, to deliver results that can be readily translated to the clinical setting.

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Division of Genetics
Department of Medicine
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Center for Life Sciences Building 401
3 Blackfan Circle
Boston, MA 02215