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The Drane Center

Created by the generosity of the Drane Family, the Drane Center is intended to empower patients as they become intimately involved in the evolution and evaluation of their healthcare. It is lead by Dr. Tom Delbanco , and staffed by Judy Foreman, Leah Christie and Zachary Tofias. The Drane Center is fostering entrepreneurial efforts to improve the quality of healthcare by involving patients and healthcare professionals in imaginative new strategies that hold promise for widespread implementation. The Center will award grants to investigators demonstrating creative and "out of the box" ideas that improve medicine. Letters will soon be sent to patients of Healthcare Associates, as well as to employees of BIDMC informing them of this opportunity.

In the future, we anticipate that patients will increasingly involve themselves in their own health promotion and management of illness. As shared decision-making and patient empowerment flowers, patients will expect to review, edit, and add to their medical record. As a proactive strategy that may lead quickly to widespread dissemination, we plan to mount a demonstration project in which a group of doctors will grant patients full access to their records and manage these patients with a shared medical record. To house and develop such a record, we shall use PatientSite, a unique, web-based tool developed by the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. We shall evaluate the impact of this project on both patients and their doctors. If successful, we shall seek support to offer such access to all patients of the Medical Center, and to advocate this system of care nationwide.