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Gloria Y. Yeh, MD, MPH

Research Concentrations

• Complementary and Integrative Medicine
• Mind-Body Mechanisms and Therapy
• Cardiopulmonary Disease

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Professional Biography

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Dr. Yeh's major research activities involve the investigation of efficacy and mechanisms of mind-body exercise for chronic disease, with a particular interest in cardiopulmonary conditions. Chronic cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases affect a staggering percentage of the general population, and are responsible for large economic costs to our health care system. Inherent in mind-body exercises, such as tai chi, are multiple components (eg. physical activity, core strengthening, relaxation, stress management, cardiovascular endurance training and breathing techniques) that may be beneficial for these patient populations. Recent preliminary work has provided some evidence for these effects. In addition to her research activities, Dr. Yeh is based at BIDMC's Healthcare Associates as a primary care physician and resident preceptor in General Medicine. She also serves as an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and is the Director of the NIH-funded T32 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Current Research Support

R01 AT005436, NIH/NCCAM, 2010-2015
“Clinical and Autonomic Effects of Mind-Body Exercise in COPD”
This randomized controlled trial will evaluate the safety, feasibility, and efficacy of tai chi exercise and mind-body breathing in the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Role: Principal Investigator

7 T32 AT000051, NIH/NCCAM, 1999-2014
"Research Training: Complementary & Integrative Medicine"
This institutional training grant supports a three-year research fellowship program for faculty development in complementary and integrative medicine. 
Role: Principal Investigator

R01 AT006358, NIH/NCCAM, 2012-2017
"Tai Chi After Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Patients with COPD"
The goal of this study is to examine how tai chi, a low-moderate intensity mind-body exercise, may be helpful in maintaining the benefits of exercise after pulmonary rehabilitation in persons with COPD.
Role: Principal Investigator

R34 (Salmoirago-Blotcher), NIH, 2013-2016
Development of a Tai Chi program to overcome barriers to cardiac rehabilitation
The goal of this developmental proposal is to develop, refine, and optimize study protocols including optimization of the tai chi protocol, in preparation for a large scale randomized clinical trial evaluating the efficacy of tai chi in promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors in cardiovascular patients who otherwise are unable or choose not to attend traditional cardiac rehabilitation.
Role: Co-Investigator

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

1. Yeh GY, Eisenberg DM, Davis RB, Phillips RS. Complementary and alternative medicine use among patients with diabetes mellitus: results of a national survey.  Am J Pub Health, 2002; 92(10):1648-1652. PMCID: PMC1447301
2. Yeh GY, Eisenberg DM, Kaptchuk TJ, Phillips RS. Systematic review of herb and dietary supplements for glycemic control in diabetes. Diabetes Care, 2003; 26:1277-1294
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4. Yeh GY, Davis RB, Phillips RS. Use of complementary therapies in patients with cardiovascular Disease. Am J Cardiology 2006; 98: 673-80.
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10. Yeh GY, McCarthy EP, Wayne PM, Stevenson LW, Wood MJ, Forman DE, Davis RB, Phillips RS.  Tai chi exercise in patients with chronic heart failure: a randomized clinical trial. Arch Int Med. 2011; 171: 750-757. PMCID: PMC3277798.