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Christina C. Wee, MD, MPH

Research Concentrations

• Obesity
• Cardiovascular Health
• Health Outcomes & Disparities 

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Professional Biography

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Dr. Christina C. Wee is Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Associate Section Chief of Research in the Division of General Medicine and Primary Care at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. She is also Director of the Division's Health Services and Behavioral Research Program in Obesity, Co-Director of the Health Behaviors Research Program, and Program-Director of the Harvard-wide General Medicine Faculty Development Fellowship Program. Dr. Wee’s research interests in obesity primarily focus on questions of particular relevance to public health and primary care and can be characterized by three overarching goals: 1) to understand racial and ethnic differences in the costs and health outcomes of obesity; 2) to identify and address the stigma associated with obesity, particularly as it relates to disparities in healthcare and in medical decision-making; and 3) to define and promote the role of primary care physicians in the management of obesity.

Dr. Wee has led several R01 projects funded by NIDDK, including a study of the role of race on health outcomes associated with obesity. She also leads a multicenter study to examine patient preferences, decision-making and long-term health and quality of life outcomes associated with bariatric surgery. In addition, Dr. Wee is broadly interested in health disparities and health promotion research and has mentored several fellows in areas such as immigrant and women’s health, cancer screening, and medical decision-making. Her research and mentorship ability is nationally recognized. She is the recipient of a NIDDK-funded K24 Midcareer Mentorship Award, the 2010 HMS A. Clifford Barger Award for Excellence in Mentoring, and the 2011 Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) Midcareer Research and Mentorship Award. She was also inducted into the American Society of Clinical Investigation in 2012.

Dr. Wee is a former deputy editor of the Journal of General Internal Medicine and now serves on their editorial board. She also chaired the SGIM Research Committee.

Current Research Support

R01 DK073302, NIH/NIDDK, 2007-2013
Understanding How Patients Value Bariatric Surgery
Role: PI

R01 DK071083, NIH/NIDDK, 2006-2012
Race and Health Outcomes Associated with Obesity
Role: PI

RSGT 09-158-CPPB (McCarthy), American Cancer Society, 2009-2012
Asian Americans with Advanced Cancer: Preferences and Care Experiences
Role: Co-investigator

RSGT 10-080-01-CPHPS (McCarthy), ACS, 2010-2013
Breast Cancer Screening in Older Women: Comorbidity and Competing Risks
Role: Co-investigator

T32 HP12706, NIH, 2011-2016
NRSA in Primary Care Medicine
Role: PI.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

1. Wee CC, McCarthy EP, Davis RB, Phillips RS. Physician counseling about exercise. JAMA 1999;282:1583-1588.
2. Wee CC, McCarthy EP, Davis RB, Phillips RS. Screening for cervical and breast cancer. Is obesity an unrecognized barrier to preventive care? Ann Intern Med 2000;132:697-704.
3. Goel MS, McCarthy EP, Phillips RS, Wee CC. Obesity among US immigrant subgroups by duration of residence. JAMA 2004;292:2860-2867.
4. Wee CC, Hamel MB, Davis RB, Phillips RS.  Assessing the value of weight loss among primary care patients. J Gen Intern Med 2004;19:1206-1211.
5. Wee CC, Phillips RS, Legedza TR, Davis RB, Soukup JR, Colditz GA, Hamel MB.  Healthcare expenditures associated with overweight and obesity among U.S. adults: the importance of age and race. Am J Pub Health 2005;95:159-165.
6. Wee CC, Hamel MB, Huang A, Davis RB, Mittleman MA, McCarthy EP.  Obesity and undiagnosed diabetes in the United States. Diabetes Care 2008;31:1813-1815.
7. Wee CC, Huskey KW, Ngo LH, Fowler-Brown A, Leveille SG, Mittlemen MA, McCarthy EP. Obesity, race, and risk for death or functional decline among Medicare beneficiaries: a cohort study. Ann Intern Med. 2011 May 17;154(10):645-55.