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Industrial Programs

The Division of Clinical Informatics is one of the oldest academic and research groups focused on the effective use of information and communication technologies in patient care. Our faculty has developed hospital-wide clinical computing systems at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Brigham and Women's Hospital. Our faculty were the very first to engage patients in direct dialogue with computers and been building and evolving clinical decision support systems for four decades. Today, our faculty continues to lead the evolution and study of personal health technologies, web-based clinical computing systems, national health systems, and international comparative approaches. Our faculty is driven to find solutions to real-world problems. Affiliates are asked to make a three-year commitment to support research on topics of mutual interests. A steering committee of affiliates members and faculty will meet annually to current research of faculty and fellows and suggest future research directions and evaluation studies. The division will hold quarterly web-casts detailing research progress.

Each affiliate receives a copy of all accepted journal articles, conference papers, and technical reports published by faculty and fellows, plus résumés of graduating students. Our goal is to keep all affiliates abreast of the current research trends.

Executive Workshop

If so requested, we will develop a special 1- or 2- day workshop for an affiliate on any topic within our expertise. Details of content, costs, and location will be negotiated on an individual basis.

Company Visit

At an affiliate's request, a member of the faculty will visit that affiliate for 1 day per year. Generally, the day will include a 1-hour lecture on a topic of mutual interest, followed by presentation and discussion of issues important to the company. Travel costs are an additional expense.

DCI Mini Informatics Fellowship


The DCI Mini-Informatics Fellowship is a one month course with the Division of Clinical Informatics, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School in Boston. To maximize exposure and maintain intensity the course is limited to one or two participants per rotation. Participants will be immersed in all aspects of clinical informatics including executive strategic decision making.

Course Offering

  1. Academic support for an informatics project
  2. Weekly tutorials
  3. Weekly academic forums
  4. Weekly strategic meetings
  5. Involvement in weekly Harvard undergraduate/ MD-MBA courses taught by Faculty


US $10,000

For further enquiries please contact Dr. Shane Reti

More information is available on our main website: