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Welty Publications

Key Publications:

Khosa F, Khan AN, Nasir K, Bedayat A, Malik Z, Jon AF, Cheema AR,Clouse ME, Welty FK.  Comparison of coronary plaque subtypes in male and female patients using 320-row MDCTA; Atherosclerosis. 2013 Feb;226(2):428-32, 

Welty FK.  How do Elevated Triglycerides and Low HDL-cholesterol Affect Inflammation and Atherothrombosis:  Curr Cardiol Rep 2013; 15(9); 1532-1545.

Jon AF, Cheema AR, Khan AN, Raptopoulos V, Hauser T, Nasser I, Welty FK, Karellas A, Clouse ME.  Assessment of liver fat in an obese patient population using noncontrast CT fat present index.  Clin Imaging 2014; 38:259-264.

Goodson JM, Kantarci A, Hartman ML, Denis GV, Stephens D, Hasturk H, Yaskell T, Vargas J, Wang X, Cugini M, Barake R, Alsmadi O, Al-Mutawa S, Ariga J, Soparkar P, Behbehani J, Behbehani K, Welty F.  Metabolic disease risk in children by salivary biomarker analysis.  PLoS One 2014 Jun 10;(6):e98799.

Acharjee S, Zhou JR, Elajami TK, Welty FK.  Effect of soy nuts and equol status on blood pressure, lipids and inflammation in postmenopausal women stratified by metabolic syndrome status.  Metabolism 2015; 64(2):236-43.

Avila M, Hovnanians N,  Mukamal K, Parikh N, Welty FK.  Parity and cardiovascular disease prevalence and mortality among the old order Amish.  In press.

Goodson JM, Welty FK.  Using salivary biomarkers to identify children at risk of type 2 diabetes.   Diabetes Management,2014.

Hartman ML, Goodson, JM, Barake R, Alsmadi O, Al-Mutawa S, Ariga J, Soparkar P, Behbehani J, Behbehani K, Welty FK.  Salivary glucose concentration exhibits threshold kinetics in normal-weight, overweight, and obese children. Diabetes Metab Syndr Obes 2014;8:9-15.

Singh V, Luthra S, Elajami TK, Welty FK.  Resolution of NASH with weight loss documented by hepatic MRI.  BMJ Case Rep 2015 Jan 6;2015

Welty FK. The Contribution of Triglycerides and Triglyceride-Rich Lipoproteins to Atherosclerosis; Chapter 14, Braunwald Textbook of Preventive Cardiology, 1st Edition, 2011. 

Welty FK.  Hypobetalipoproteinemia and abetalipoproteinemia.  Curr Opin Lipidol 2014; Jun;25(3): 161-8