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Cardiovascular Epidemiology

The Cardiovascular Epidemiology Research Unit is dedicated to conducting observational and experimental research to identify risk factors of cardiovascular disease incidence and prognosis.

Specific projects are focused on identifying the genetic, behavioral, and environmental determinants of: myocardial infarction, arrhythmias, heart failure, progression of atherosclerosis, and ischemic stroke. The Unit also carries out original epidemiologic methods research, including theoretical and statistical developments for case-crossover and other highly stratified study designs.

To promote understanding and dissemination of epidemiologic methods, we offer the Epidemiologic Methods Journal Club on the first and third Monday of every month. These discussion meetings are open to all interested members of the BIDMC community, not just those in Cardiology.

Cardiovascular Epidemology Team

Cindy Aiello
Catherine Buettner, MD
Mary Burger, MD
Murray A. Mittleman, MD, DrPH
Kenneth Mukamal, MD, MPH
Eileen M Stuart-Shor, PhD, APRN
Gregory A. Wellenius, ScD