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Zeiss Axioimager M1 Epifluorescence and Brightfield Microscope


Zeiss Axioimager M1 microscope (upright)

5x Zeiss EC Plan-Neofluar dry, 0.16 NA
10x Zeiss EC Plan-Neofluar dry, 0.45 NA
20x Zeiss Apochromat dry, 0.8 NA
63X Zeiss Apochromat Oil, 1.4 NA, DIC, IR
100X Zeiss Apochromat Oil, 1.4 NA, DIC, IR

Fluorescence Filters Cubes (for visual inspection)
DAPI: 365 nm excitation, 445/50 nm emission.
FITC / GFP: 470/40 nm excitation, 525/50 nm emission.
Rhodamine: BP 545/25 nm excitation, 605/70 nm emission.
CY5: BP 640/30 nm excitation, BP 690/50 nm emission.

AxioVision version 4.6

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