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Third Next Available Appointment — New Patients

What are we measuring?

For new patients, the number of days to the "third next available" appointment. Our goal is to offer all new patients an appointment within two weeks. Appointments are available sooner for patients with urgent needs.

Why is this important?

Patients referred to a BIDMC specialist by a primary care doctor should have quick and easy access to an appointment day and time that they want for their spine-related problem.  

What is our most recent performance and trend?



What are we doing to improve our performance?

We continue to make improvement in access to non-operative providers. We work with the patient's schedule to offer appointments at a convenient time with the goal of having the appointment within two weeks of their call. We typically see access time increase over the summer season due to providers’ time off. We are developing a plan to expand the physical footprint of the BIDMC location to be able to have more physicians in the practice. We are developing a plan to recruit for one additional spine surgeon in the spring of 2016. 

Last Updated:  November 2015

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