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Aortic Valve Replacement Summary

BIDMC provides cardiac surgery care for over 700 patients each year. Our services include Aortic Valve Replacement Care.

When choosing a hospital, patients in need of cardiac surgery care should consider the hospital's experience with the surgery, patient outcomes, patients' experiences with care, and the efficiency of care. Learn more about the CardioVascular Institute at at BIDMC.

Aortic Valve Replacement (AVR) BIDMC Performance
CY 2010
CY 2010
Volume of procedures - Total*
A higher score is better.
214 >120/year (2)
Volume of procedures - Isolated AVR Procedures* 86 Not available
Mortality Rate - In Hospital
A lower score is better.
0% 2.6% (1)
Mortality Rate (30 days from surgery- risk adjusted)
A lower score is better.
0% 3.0% (1)
Average Post Surgery Length of Stay
A lowerscore is better.
7.0 days 7.8 days (1)
Volume of procedures - Isolated AVR Procedures* 260 Includes CY07-CY10 Not available
Mortality Rate (30 days from surgery- risk adjusted) 0.0%
Includes CY07-CY10
Not available

*AVR (Aortic Valve Replacement) - an operation for treatment of narrowing (stenosis) or leakage (regurgitation) of the aortic valve. Sometimes, the valve can be repaired, but most often, it is replaced with a valve made of animal tissue or a mechanical valve.

*Isolated AVR (Aortic Valve Replacement) - a surgical procedure in which AVR is the only major cardiac surgery performed.

1 Source of comparison data: Society of Thoracic Surgeons Database; January - December, 2010 data and reports

2 Leapfrog Hospital Survey on Quality and Safety 2010. For more information go to

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Last updated: June 6, 2011

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