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Pneumonia Care

Performing Blood Cultures

What are we measuring?

Percent of pneumonia patients having blood cultures performed prior to first antibiotic received in the hospital.  Since different types of bacteria can cause pneumonia, hospitals should complete a blood culture test to determine which bacteria may have caused pneumonia and which antibiotic will work best. 

What is our most recent performance and trend?

What are we doing to improve our performance?

BIDMC Emergency Department physicians and nurses continue to work on improving protocols and procedures related to appropriate blood culture testing prior to the administration of antibiotics.

Choosing Appropriate Antibiotics

What are we measuring?

Percent of pneumonia patients given appropriate antibiotics upon arrival.    

What is our most recent performance and trend? 

Pneumonia Mortality & Readmission Rates

 30-day Mortality Rate

The percentage of patients who died within 30 days of being admitted for pneumonia care at BIDMC. Patients may have died while in the hospital or after they were discharged from BIDMC. The cause of patient death may have been related to the pneumonia or may have been due to any other cause of death.


30-Day Readmission Rate

The percentage of patients who are re-admitted to a hospital within 30 days of being admitted for pneumonia care at BIDMC. The re-admission may have been planned as part of follow-up care, or unplanned at the time of hospital discharge. Unplanned readmissions may have been due to a condition related to the pneumonia, or may have been due to any other condition. Re-admission to the hospital may or may not have been avoidable by measures taken before the patient was discharged from the hospital.


What are we doing to improve our performance?

BIDMC has initiated a workgroup called the Cross Continuum Care Coordination Team to identify new approaches to ensuring effective transitions and follow-up after our patients leave the hospital. Our Team includes patients, family members, and representatives from primary care practices, VNA and home care agencies, skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, elder services, payers, and community service organizations. The Team meets monthly to share best practices, review improvement opportunities, and develop more effective care transition processes. 

In BIDMC's largest primary care practice, Health Care Associates, HCA nurses meet with patients during their hospitalization and coordinate the patient's care for 30 days after the patient is leaves the hospital. A Pharmacist is also available to address complex medication issues, and a Care Transitions Coach provides additional support to help patients successfully follow discharge instructions and embrace actions to promote health.  


Source of comparison data for the above graphs: HospitalCompare (, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.  

Other Publicly Reported Measures:

Last updated: January 2015 

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