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Planning for the future can be challenging, but there are many helpful resources out there. Here are a few websites that you might find useful.
This website offers a Conversation Starter Kit to help you plan a discussion with your health care proxy, family and/or friends. It also offers a guide to speaking with your health care provider about your wishes. Both kits are available in English, Spanish, French and Mandarin.
This is a website of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. In includes a helpful glossary of terms as well as a toll-free Helpline phone number.  
This is a section of the National Institutes of Health website. Among the resources offered are videos about key questions related to advance care planning, such as the different types of care available at the end of life.   
This website focuses on five questions, fitting on one slide, to help you think about the basics of advance care planning. It also includes the moving story of a young woman named Za, who inspired the project. This site is also available in Spanish. 
This website walks you through the steps involved in planning a dinnertime conversation about dying, with a bit of humor. Like The Conversation Project website, the site also offers a practical checklist to help you plan the discussion with loved ones.   


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