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Your Hospital Bill

Click to pay your BIDMC bill online

Through our payment portal, you can also:

  • View statements and account balances 
  • Update personal information
  • Update insurance information

Physician Bills

Physician bills can be paid online separately:

Paying Your Hospital Bill

After your stay at or outpatient visit to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, you may receive separate bills for the care you received.

  • Bills may come from the hospital and/or the physician.
  • If you had multiple services or treatments, you may receive a bill for each of those services (such as anesthesia, an MRI and surgery).

It is important to review each bill to verify where and how to submit your payment.

BIDMC patients can pay their hospital medical bills online through our secure payment portal. Payments are normally processed within two (2) business days.


Call 866-306-7643 for all questions:

  • related to your hospital bill or payment.
  • if you have not received a bill or do not have an
    account number.

Please Note

BIDMC's payment portal DOES NOT accept payments for:

Financial Assistance

If you need help paying your medical bills, BIDMC offers financial and medical hardship assistance to patients who qualify.

Billing & Health Insurance

If you have health insurance, we first bill your insurance. Any balance that the initial insurance doesn't cover will be billed to any additional insurance you may have, or directly to you.

  • Call 866-306-7643 for questions related to your hospital bill or payment.
  • Call our financial assistance office at 617-667-5661 if you do not have health insurance and you need assistance.

Many insurance companies will send you an "Explanation of Benefits" (EOB) form, which is not a bill. This form explains what your insurance has paid for. Even if the EOB shows you owe a balance, do not send any payments until you receive a bill from BIDMC.

Please note that some charges may not be covered by insurance. For example, most insurance does not cover the cost of a private room. If you requested a private room, you may receive a bill for a portion of your room charge. You will not have to pay extra if a private room was medically necessary or if it was the only room available. Also, all obstetric patients are cared for in private rooms at no extra charge.

Contact your insurance company with questions about your individual coverage plan.