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Facts and Figures

Why is BIDMC committed to becoming "Conversation Ready"?

Consider these facts... 

Nationally, 94% of people think that it's important to talk about their own and their loved ones' wishes for end-of-life care, but less than 30% have actually had these conversations.

In Massachusetts, only 10% of residents say they have spoken to their primary care physician or physician specialist about end-of-life care.

Only 27% of Americans have discussed with their loved ones what they want in terms of their end-of-life care.

Among those who'd lost someone without ever talking about end-of-life wishes, over 50% say that some aspect of the experience could have been improved if they'd had a conversation.

Among those who did have a conversation with their loved one, 63% say that they felt better knowing they were honoring their wishes; and 39% say their loved one was able to die just the way they wanted.


The Conversation Project, National Survey, 2013.
Massachusetts Commission on End of Life Care, End-of-Life Care Survey, 2005.


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