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The ICU Care Team

Intensivists (also called Attendings):
Doctors specially trained in the care of seriously ill patients

Surgical Attendings (in all Surgical ICU's):
Surgeons overseeing a patient's needs related to a completed or anticipated surgery

Nurse Practitioners/Physician Assistants:
Specially trained personnel with advanced degrees who work closely with the intensivists and attendings on clinical care

Interns, Residents or Fellows:
Doctors who have graduated from medical school and who are at different levels of specialty training at the hospital

Registered nurses who are assigned to one or two patients at a time and carry out much of the hour-to-hour care

Patient Care Technicians:
Personnel who assist nurses and help patients with everyday care like bathing and hygiene;  They may be responsible for answering call lights when patients or families need assistance

Specially trained clinicians with expertise in medication management;  They work with doctors and nurses to decide on the best medication choices for patients and are available to answer any questions you may have on medications

Respiratory Therapists:
ICU personnel who specialize in caring for patients with breathing problems and help monitor and support patients on ventilators

Social Workers:
Licensed social workers with expertise in health and mental health who are available to help patients and families cope with the many issues that arise when illness or injury occurs;  Social workers can also help you find local resources like places to eat or stay over night during your loved one's hospital stay 

Case Managers:
Registered nurses who specialize in helping patients and families make plans for continued recovery and care after discharge from the medical center;  Case managers can also answer any questions you may have about insurance and healthcare costs 

Pastoral Care Staff: 
Hospital based clergy who visit patients routinely to provide religious support;  They are pleased to contact clergy from any denomination (or your local clergy) upon your request

Unit Coordinator/Unit Assistant:
Often the first person you will see upon entering the ICU, the unit coordinator sits at the front desk, answers the telephones, and allows visitors in to the ICU;  The unit coordinator also handles many of the administrative issues in the ICU.

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Now Recruiting - Intensive Care Unit Advisory Council

If you have had a care experience in a BIDMC Adult ICU, consider becoming an advisor and partner with us to help improve the quality of care for patients throughout our critical care units. 
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