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Advice to give? We're listening!

Patient and Family Engagement at BIDMC 

We are constantly trying to improve the way in which we provide care to our patients and their families.  One of the most efficient ways for us to find out what we can improve upon is to ask you directly. 

Over the last four years BIDMC has created four ongoing Patient and Family Advisory Councils. Each of these councils meets regularly and provides our staff with advice and insight that can improve care for all of our patients. We have a specific Intensive Care Unit Patient Family Advisory Council which is made up of individuals who have either spent time themselves or had a loved one spend time in one of our ICU's. 

If you would like to become a Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) Patient/Family Advisor and partner with us to help improve the health outcomes for patients in the ICU and throughout the medical center.  Click here for more information on becoming an advisor to the hospital.

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Now Recruiting - Intensive Care Unit Advisory Council

If you have had a care experience in a BIDMC Adult ICU, consider becoming an advisor and partner with us to help improve the quality of care for patients throughout our critical care units. 
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