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Meet our ICU Leadership

Each ICU is managed by a Physician Director and a Nurse Manager. Here are the names and contact information of our ICU leadership team members.  If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to contact any leadership team member.  If you have feedback you would like to give but do not feel comfortable speaking to the physicians or nurse managers listed we encourage you to call our Patient Relations department at (617) 632-0364.

Medical Intensive Care

Medical Intensive Care Director:
Pete Clardy, MD
(617) 667-5864

Nurse Manager of MICU 6 and MICU 7:
Kristin Russell, RN, MS
(617) 754-2128

Nurse Manager of Finard ICU:
Susan Holland, RN, MS
(617) 667-5526

Surgical Intensive Care

Surgical Intensive Care Director:
Danny Talmor, MD, MPH
(617) 754-3257

Nurse Manager of Surgical ICU, and the Neuro ICU:
Suzanne Joyner, RN, BSN
(617) 754-2918

Nurse Manager of Trauma ICU: 
Alison Small, RN, BSN
(617) 754-3277

Coronary Care

Coronary Care Director:
Peter Zimetbaum, MD
(617) 632-9209

Nurse Manager of the Coronary Care Unit:
Pamela Browall, RN, MS
(617) 632-7014

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Now Recruiting - Intensive Care Unit Advisory Council

If you have had a care experience in a BIDMC Adult ICU, consider becoming an advisor and partner with us to help improve the quality of care for patients throughout our critical care units. 
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