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BIDMC Honors its Nurses

Awards, Scholarships Mark National Nurses Week

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has celebrated its nurses with an annual BIDMC Nursing Awards Celebration at Fenway Park where more than 300 nurses, administrators and staff cheered as their colleagues accepted 34 scholarships and awards amounting to more than $110,000.

"This is a night when we as nurses get to pause and look back at all we've accomplished over the past year and forward to all the great things to come with the aid of these wonderful scholarships," said Marsha Maurer, RN, Senior Vice President, Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer.

Baseball metaphors were the order of the day as many presenters referred to those winning awards and scholarships as the "clutch players," "cleanup hitters" and "MVPs" of their respective departments. The most poignant of such moments came when Maurer, noting it was the last ceremony for Dianne Anderson, RN, who is leaving her role as Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations, praised her hard work in helping to turn BIDMC around over the past eight years.

"It was the bottom of the ninth with two out and the winning run at the plate, and for all of us in nursing you hit it out of the park," said Maurer, as the room rose to its feet to offer a standing ovation for Anderson. Choking back tears as she accepted a plaque and some lovely flowers, Anderson returned the compliment to her colleagues. "All of us know that all the success we've had over the past eight years has been because of all of you and your commitment to our patients and staff," she said.

Alexander and Brenda Tanger, the benefactors behind the Tanger Be Well Center, also sponsor the Mary M. Fermental, RN, Nursing Scholarship, named in honor of a BIDMC nurse. Maggie Fermental, RN, was an up-and-coming OR nurse when her career was sidelined by a stroke five years ago. She has since recovered and returned to work in the Neurology Department where she works closely with stroke patients.

"I first met Maggie when she was unconscious in the ICU," recalled Paul Levy, President and CEO. "Later, when I was down in Palm Beach doing some fund-raising I remember talking about Maggie to a room full of people and saying that I was not leaving Florida until I had secured funding for an annual Scholarship." Al Tanger was in that audience and immediately offered to finance the annual scholarship.

"The nurses at BIDMC work so hard and do so much that we just wanted to support their work with these scholarships," Al Tanger said in an interview before the ceremony.

Kimberly McHayle, a phlebotomist in hematology/oncology, was this year's recipient of the award. A 10-year veteran of BIDMC, McHayle is halfway through the coursework for her nursing degree at Labouré College at Carney Hospital in Dorchester. "I've been a phlebotomist for about 16 years and have been so moved and inspired by the nurses on the units and the care they provide to our patients," said McHayle. "I was ready to expand my career so I jumped in with two feet to see what happens. This scholarship is a wonderful gift."

The full list of scholarships, awards and recipients include:

Funded in part by the Alexander and Brenda Tanger Nursing Scholarship in honor of Mary M. Fermental, RN, the Aron and Celia Steinberg Endowed Scholars Program, the New England Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association Education Fund, and the Boston Red Sox raffle proceeds.

BIDMC Nursing Scholarship : John Bethard, RN; Jennifer Lane Black, RN; Katelyn Bushey, RN; Denise Corbett-Carbonneau, RN; Elizabeth Coyte, RN; Julie Dateo, RN; Linda DeBeasi, RN; Brianne Donahoe, RN; Tiffany Grimes, RN; Julie Higgins, RN; Rebekah Hill; Meghan Kelly, RN; Petya Kosow, RN; Emily Labriola, RN; Marianne McAuliffe, RN; Erin McLaughlin, RN; Kerri O'Regan, RN; Courtney O'Reilly; Richard Pfeiffer, RN; Claire Reilly, RN; Jennifer Rifenburg, RN; Jolivette Ritzer, RN; Lauren Stone, RN Sarah Stowell, RN Kathleen Sussek, RN Sandy Tan, RN Jennifer Vergados Norma Wells, RN.

Aron & Celia Steinberg Endowed Scholarship; Kristin Fowler; Melissa Murray

New England Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association Scholarship : Mark Haigh

The Alexander & Brenda Tanger Nursing Scholarship, in honor of Mary M. "Maggie" Fermental, RN : Kimberly McHayle.

Red Sox Scholarship: Thuy Nguyen, RN; Dauda Sesay (Red Sox)

Gitta and Saul Kurlat Award for Nursing Excellence: Juli Whitney, RN

Edward and Marilyn Schwarz Awards for Excellence in Nursing Practice: Leslie Almeida, RN; Ann Marie Grillo, RN; Tiffany Grimes, RN; Danielle Lord-Schaefer, RN; Michael McSweeney, RN; Jean Raas Moore, RN; Melissa Murray, RN; Claudia Pavao, RN; Tracy Salters, RN; Kimberly Sullivan, RN.

Edward and Marilyn Schwarz Award for Excellence in Ambulatory Nursing: Terry Barden, RN.

Herbert B. Singer Awards for Nursing Excellence: Julia Flynn, RN; Barbara Regan, RN.

Joseph Ensign Lovejoy Exemplary Nursing Awards from the Joseph E. Lovejoy Family Gift: Margaret Gavin, RN; Bea McIntyre,PCT.

Excellence in Advanced Practice Awards: Kathy Corley, NP; Claire Labelle, NP; Barbara Rosato, NP.

The Department of Surgery and Joseph M. Koufman Foundation Award for Excellence in the Care of Surgical Patients and in Peri-operative Care: Hedwig Albano, RN; Nicole Catatao, NP; Jennifer Rifenburg, RN.

Excellence in Surgical Critical Care Nursing Award: Stephanie Morrill, RN.

Excellence in Medical Critical Care Nursing Award: Paul Lovely, RN; Kelly O'Brien, RN.

William D. Cochran Award for Excellence in Neonatal Nursing: Cynthia Moultonkrug, RN.

Colette Cantin Obstetric Excellence Award: Kristin Landers, RN.

Internal Medicine Residency Nursing Excellence Award: Alice Bradbury, RN.

Excellence in Gerontological Nursing Award: Marlena Pettit, RN.

Excellence in Psychiatric Nursing Award: Marie Huppuch, RN.

CVI Excellence in Cardiovascular Nursing Award: Verna Rettagliati, RN.

Excellence in Hematology/Oncology Nursing Awards:Nancy Giallombardo, NP; Virginia Seery, NP.

Excellence in Emergency Nursing Award: Eileen Broderick, RN; Kathy Vassar, RN.

Nursing Continuing Education Funding Funded in part by the Charlotte Feital Continuing Education Nursing Fund and the Beth Israel Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Association Education Fund.

BostonWorks "Salute to Nurses": Karalyn Auclair, RN; Fatima Barbosa, RN; Jill Brown, RN; Peter Brown, RN; Frances Casey, RN; Kendra Conlon, RN; Holly Dowling, RN; Jacqueline Felt, RN; Vicki McKenna, RN; MICU 6 Nursing Staff; Monique Nestor, NP; Dacey O'Leary, RN; Sharon Parkes, RN; Tracee Tomko, RN 7.