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BIDMC Academy Membership Levels and Responsibilities

Academy Member:

  • Evidence of Teaching Engagement: HMS faculty who have a record of teaching medical students, residents, fellows, graduate students, or other faculty.
  • Commitment to Participate: (as a learner or instructor) in a minimum of 6 hours 1 of which MUST be at BIDMC) of professional development in medical education sessions each year.
  • Commitment to Professional Development as a Teacher: All new members must arrange for a BIDMC Academy Member to observe you teach. This will be scheduled through the Center for Education. In addition, members are required to observe a Senior Academy Member teach to engage in a conversation about best instructional practices.

Senior Academy Member:

  • Evidence of Teaching Engagement as Stated Above: In addition, Senior Academy members will have graduated from an advanced education training program and/or possess leadership responsibility for an educational course or program.
  • Commitment to Participate: (as a learner, instructor, or mentor) in a minimum of 6 hours (1 of which MUST be at BIDMC) of professional development in medical education, and an ongoing commitment to partake in activities to support the BIDMC Academy (e.g. including observing and providing teaching feedback to an Academy colleague.).
  • Commitment to Conduct Peer Observations and Share Best Teaching Practices: Senior Academy Members will observe and provide feedback to Associate or Academy Members. Moreover, a junior member will arrange a time to observe the Senior Academy Member teach in order to engage in a conversation about teaching and share best instructional practices.

Membership term is one year and is renewable.

Beginning in AY 2015-2016, senior residents (PGY3 and above) will be inducted into the BIDMC Academy if they earn 3 hours in BIDMC Academy events PLUS participation in a teaching observation (e.g., peer or master teacher).  All residents who meet this requirement will be presented their certificate at the BIDMC Teaching Awards ceremony.

Contact Information

The Academy of Medical Educators at BIDMC
330 Brookline Avenue, E/ES2
Boston, Massachusetts 02215