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Future Directions

Future directions

OMA anticipates that the upcoming year will provide many opportunities for advancing our mission to recruit, retain and support a diverse faculty and staff, to expand our teaching efforts to address health care disparities and cross cultural sensitivity, and to broaden our outreach efforts to communities and organizations concerned with diversity in medicine. The recommendations of the Educational Environment Subcommittee to the Education Strategic Review Steering Committee will emphasize the need for the institution to establish specific workforce diversity goals and to commit to providing support for the initiatives aimed at helping reach these goals. The OMA will continue to play a key role here.

Our future efforts will include: 

  • helping to establish hospital-wide benchmarks and specific targets/goals for recruitment efforts; 
  • expanding recruitment efforts to all residency and fellowship training programs, as well as at the faculty level (e.g.: URM Recruitment Coordinator role); 
  • developing more formal mentoring programs, which includes creation of a central repository of contact information for BIDMC staff and physicians interested in becoming mentors or in sharing ideas and answering questions ("Diversity Directory"); 
  • offering more extensive cross cultural education in the GME curricula, including case-based modules highlighting specific issues in doctor/patient interactions as relates to health care disparities and which can be tailored to department needs; 
  • expanding outreach efforts to grow pipeline programs at the local high school level and nationally at the medical school level, specifically visiting historically African American medical schools (e.g.: Howard, Meharry, Morehouse) and medical schools in regions with large Latino student populations (e.g.: Florida, Texas, and southern California); and
  • increasing BIDMC's visibility at future regional and national conferences, such as SNMA and NLMA, by greater participation in these events.

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