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Internal Review Process

All programs accredited by the ACGME in the United States are required to undergo regular ACGME reviews. The cycle of these reviews is determined by the RRC following a visit and evaluation of the program.  Cycle length varies from 1 to 5 years.  The RRC also determines the program status; most programs are fully accredited, but occasionally or a program is placed on a warning or probationary status. The latter results in a short cycle length. 

In between the formal ACGME reviews all programs are required to undergo an Internal Review.  This must occur at exactly the midpoint between the last ACGME review and the projected date of the next visit. 

The Internal Review is conducted by members of the GMEC and is organized by the GME office.  The review is comprehensive and involves both a written description of the program and an interview with the Program Director and representative residents.  The Internal Review is designed to mimic an ACGME visit as closely as possible. 

Programs sometimes question the value of the Internal Review - it is a time consuming process, creating additional work for Directors and coordinators. However the Internal Review process contributes to the overall goal of the BIDMC - that is excellence in medical education.  A well conducted Internal Reviews provides a program with the opportunity to share Best Practices and also to get assistance in fulfilling some of the many requirements set forth by the ACGME. 

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