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On-Call Rooms

Who may use a BIDMC on-call room

BIDMC Physicians (Residents and Attendings) and staff who need to stay overnight or sleep during the day because of fatigue from call duty may use an on-call room.  In certain circumstances, use of on-call rooms is permitted between shifts when it is not feasible to go home and return for the next scheduled shift.

BIDMC Administration reserves the right to use on-call rooms for other purposes in emergencies. (e.g., snow storms)

Room information and reservation instructions

Call rooms are located on both the east campus and west campus. On the east, rooms are primarily located on Rabb 4 with additional located on Stoneman 4 and Finard 4 (for ICU residents only). On the west, rooms are primarily located on Palmer 2 and 3 with ICU rooms on Rosenberg Building 5, 6, and 7. All rooms are similar in furniture and layout. All rooms have one or two single beds, night stand, desk, telephone, and appropriate lighting. East campus rooms are equipped with computer work stations. On the west campus, work stations, telephones and fax machines are located in a common area on Palmer 2 and 3. Shower and restroom facilities are located on each floor close to room clusters as is a linen cart with additional sheets, towels, etc.

Room reservations are good for one day/night only on the day/night the request is made.  Multiple day/night requests or future requests will not be accepted. ICU Residents and Attendings are designated as private room eligible. ICU Resident or Attending status must be communicated to the reservation desk attendant at time of reservation so that proper room assignments can be made. All other call room users will be assigned a room out of the general pool. Rooms will first be assigned as singles, unless otherwise requested. When demand exceeds the number of rooms available, the rooms will be set up for double occupancy.  Double occupancy rooms will be assigned by gender.

You may reserve a room by phone or in person.
To reserve by phone:  call the on-call room voicemail at (75)4-3339 and leave the requested information (your name, department, campus location, etc...)  Voicemail reservations are accepted until 7:30pm. 

To reserve in person either an East Campus or West Campus room you may visit: 
West Campus, Rosenberg Building, Information Desk between 7:30am - 8:00pm; or
West Campus, Farr Building, 1st floor, Public Safety Dispatch between 8:00pm - 7:30am.

To reserve in person an East Campus room you may visit:
East Campus, Feldberg Building Lobby, Information Desk which is staffed 24hrs/day every day.

Check In/Out

Check in Time: 4:00pm*
Key cards can be picked up at any time at the above listed locations, during the listed times.  Cards will not become active until 4:00pm unless special arrangements for daytime use have been approved. Hospital identification must be provided when picking up keys cards.  Key cards will only be issued to the individual using the room.

Check out Time: 9:00am*
You must take all of your possession with you at check out.  Any personal items left in the room after check out will be moved to lost and found.  Key card drop boxes are located on each floor. To check out, simply drop the key card into one of the nearby drop boxes or return it to any Information Desk.

*Requests to change check in or check out times are handled on a case by case basis.

Food Service

Each Saturday, Sunday and Premium holidays, (see holiday schedule) Palmer 211 (West) and Rabb 451 (East) are converted into food service rooms. Each room is open from 7pm-9pm when our cafeterias are closed.  Items offered are salads, assorted sandwiches, as well a variety of beverages. Access to these rooms is by request and via key cards which are available on the East Campus at the Feldberg Building Lobby any time and on the West Campus at the Rosenberg Building Information Desk until 8pm or after 8pm at the Public Safety office - West Campus, Farr Building 1st floor.

Lost & Found

Any personal items left in an on-call room after check-out will be placed in the Lost and Found area that is located on each floor. All items not claimed within 45 days will be discarded.


Trainees may contact their chief resident with any questions or concerns regarding on-call resources.  Questions on how to use the key card, room location or other basic information may be directed to the Information Desk attendant where you obtained your key card.

For emergencies/security issues please contact Public Safety at 2-9111.

Other questions/concerns regarding hotel service may be directed to David Clough via e-mail or at 7-2258.