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What Sets Us Apart


BIDMC Camaraderie

When queried what makes the program special, the resounding answer from house staff is “the heart and camaraderie of the program."  The workplace and learning environment is supportive, collegial and fun. Residents truly enjoy their years at BIDMC and graduate with not only outstanding clinical expertise but also a network of professional colleagues and friends.

The Renaissance Resident

BIDMC aims to provide each resident a well-rounded educational and clinical experience. One in which they are exposed to ample research opportunities, quality and safety innovation, as well as exceptional generalists and subspecialty mentorship.  Residents are exposed to various medical disciplines and graduate with a tremendous fund of general medical knowledge however during the course of their residency they are also encouraged to begin to forge their own academic path. The program directors, faculty advisors and chief medical residents work to create an educational environment that is flexible; one that can cater to individual intellectual curiosity enabling each resident the opportunity to carve out a personal clinical, educational or research path.

Academic Curiosity

The Research Course

The resident research course is a two-week introduction to research methods and resources, grant and paper writing, and career development.  Residents develop a research project in workshops with other residents and faculty mentors, and receive seminars on study design, research methodology, and local research resources. 

Area of Concentration 

Area of Concentration or elective research time is available to junior and senior residents interested in pursuing an independent project in basic science or clinical research, medical education, health policy, quality improvement, hospitalist or primary care medicine.  To find the right mentor and project, residents can review an up-to-date database of previous resident projects and meet with Dr. Strewler, Dr. Mukamal, or Dr. Parikh.

Residents typically work closely with a mentor from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, the Harvard Clinical Research Institute, or the Boston VA Healthcare System, depending on their area of interest. In the past, residents have had great success transitioning their AOC work into subsequent publications. At the end of the year, all residents participating in AOC present their work at a resident research night, which is open to all Beth Israel Deaconess house staff and faculty.  A list of titles of resident research projects can be found here.

Internal Medicine Global Health Program

Residents interested in global health issues and future careers in the fields of international health, public policy and research are encouraged to participate in the Global Health Program/Track. Participants in the Global Health Track will engage with learners from around the world in the Global Health Effectiveness Program at the Harvard School of Public Health; they will participate in our hospital-wide, year-long global health curriculum and journal club, and they will be given the opportunity for two field experiences during residency.

Stoneman Elective in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

We are fortunate to practice in a hospital and department that values high quality care and consistently desires to do better. QI and safety training has been part of the BIDMC core curriculum since 2001 and our program is a recognized national leader in QI education. Here at BIDMC, QI is emphasized from day one of orientation. Interns are introduced to basic principles in safety and quality in the ambulatory curriculum, and review their own inpatient practice with respect to cost and quality. In the junior and senior years, all residents complete the Stoneman Elective under the mentorship of our Patient Safety Core Faculty. With such a strong QI foundation, several BIDMC graduates have gone on to pursue careers in quality improvement and innovation nationwide.  


Educational Innovation

“Residents as Teachers:" The Clinician Educator Track

BIDMC recognizes the importance of comprehensive medical education in the training of its house officers. Residents in the program are not only encouraged to be active learners but also effective and knowledge teachers. The Clinician Educator Track provides interested residents a unique opportunity to develop the skills necessary to become a leader in medical education. Categorical residents who wish to participate apply for a position during their intern year.  If accepted into the track, they participate in a comprehensive longitudinal curriculum that will extend through the last two and a half years of your residency training and include focused didactic sessions as the opportunity to complete an educational research project.

Senior Teacher

During the third year of residency, residents may select to act as “Senior Teacher."  During this three week block, residents not only lead didactic lectures for medical student and interns but also precept interns in Health Care Associates Primary Care Clinic. This rotation allows residents the experience to teach and guide junior learners as well as refine their own teaching skill set.

The BIDMC Wiki

The Housestaff Wiki is an internal website created and managed by BIDMC residents for educational, organizational, and social purposes. The goal is to create a personalized website for learning and efficiency. The site features online curriculum for each rotation, a library of seminal papers, PowerPoint slides of recent lectures, and links to online textbooks for major topics in medicine. Additionally the site contains calendars of upcoming education events, as well phone directories and references organized by residents.

 Mount Desert Island

Each year a group of junior and senior residents travel to the beautiful Maine coastline for a 1-week basic science immersion experience in comparative physiology. The goals of the course are to increase appreciation for physiology and enhance incorporation of basic pathophysiology into teaching and clinical roles on the general medical ward and ICU rotations. The course, held at Mount Desert Island Biologic Laboratories, is comprised of multiple modules (for example, water metabolism, NaCl excretion, hematology/coagulation, cardiovascular physiology), each with basic science experiments utilizing aquatic species, and accompanied by clinical correlation discussions. After each module, residents present their findings to one another, with specific aims for subsequent groups to investigate. Beyond the laboratory experience, residents are encouraged to enjoy all the Maine coastline has to offer including, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and fishing.


Online Medical Record (OMR)

BIDMC's comprehensive online medical record (Web OMR) includes outpatient notes (from BI primary care physicians and subspecialists), lists of medications, radiology and pathology reports, lab results, and hospital discharge summaries. The online medical record is user-friendly and used in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. With the recent implementation of scanning inpatient progress notes, medical administration records, emergency department records, and vitals flow sheets from inpatient stays, you truly have all the necessary information at your fingertips!

 Housestaff commonly cite the following benefits of Web OMR:

  • The depth and breadth of information contained in one place assists with timely medical decision making
  • From Web OMR, physicians can directly access both inpatient and outpatient electronic provider order entry systems
  • Electronic prescribing allows the provider to send prescriptions directly to the patient's pharmacy
  • Management sheets, such as a diabetes management tool, congestive heart failure flow sheets contain core quality markers which allow easy tracking of what needs to be done for the patient.

 Electronic Provider Order Entry (POE) Systems

BIDMC has both inpatient and outpatient POE systems which are easy to use and access. Through the inpatient POE system, housestaff order medications, inpatient consult, radiologic studies and laboratory tests. Inpatient medication ordering has been designed with the goal of eliminating prescribing error and includes automatic reminders of patient's allergies, medication contraindications, a link to online Micromedex, and an estimation of dosing based on creatinine clearance.

The outpatient POE is used mainly for radiologic studies (i.e., mammograms and chest x-rays), labs, physical therapy evaluation, and procedures (i.e., screening colonoscopies). Additionally, medications prescribed in clinic can be electronically submitted to the patient's pharmacy.








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