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The Medical Firms

The Department's inpatient medicine services are organized around the 4 medical firms. Named after leading educators from the Beth Israel and Deaconess Hospitals, the firms have been in place for nearly 25 years. 

Each house officer is assigned to a firm for the duration of their training. The Firm is led by a Firm Chief, Associate Firm Chief, and Chief Medical Resident; this group organizes teaching on the Firm, social events, and provides mentorship and feedback.

The Firms each have geographical homes on the wards. When on a general medicine ward rotation, a house officer will always go to the same floor—work with the same nurses, case managers, and staff—under the direction of the Firm leadership. They will work with other residents and interns on the same Firm, and each week they will go to Firm Conference, led by the Firm Chief and Associate Firm Chief. In this way, a smaller group of residents and housestaff get to know each other very well. On all other rotations (ambulatory, ICU, cardiology, oncology, electives, etc), residents work with any other resident from the entire residency—you get to know everyone in the program. Throughout the year, Firm leadership is available to serve as mentors and advisors, and also arrange formal, individual meetings several times a year.

The Firms and Firm Chiefs:

Blumgart Firm: Named for Hermann Blumgart, the first Chair of Medicine

Firm Chief: George Eliopoulos, MD 
Associate Firm Chief: Michael Curry, MD

Kurland Firm: Named for George Kurland, former BIDMC cardiologist

Firm Chief: James Heffernan, MD, MPH
Associate Firm Chief: John Doweiko, MD

Robinson Firm: Named for Steve Robinson, former hematologist at BIDMC

Firm Chief:  Robert Shmerling, MD
Associate Firm Chief: Wendy Stead, MD

Tullis Firm: Named for James Tullis, former Deaconess leader

Firm Chief:  Sanjiv Chopra, MD
Associate Firm Chief: Leonor Fernandez, MD


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