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Fellowship in Systemic Autoimmune Diseases

The program aspires to nurture world class leaders in the study of the fundamental mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of systemic autoimmune diseases and in the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

This is a two-year research program integrating MD and PhD trainees. MDs will develop skills in basic sciences, whereas PhDs will be acquainted with clinical aspects of systemic autoimmune diseases.

i) M.D. candidates are recruited through one of the following three paths:

  • Trainees who will complete an intensive one year-long clinical training in Rheumatology or Nephrology. During this year the trainees will be supported by clinical funds provided by BIDMC. This path will be coordinated with the corresponding program directors.
  • Trainees who will complete clinical training in Neurology or Dermatology or other clinical specialties (as required by the respective clinical training programs) prior to been admitted to the training program in systemic autoimmunity.
  • Trainees who have completed clinical training in any clinical field and are interested in pursuing an academic career devoted to the field of systemic autoimmunity

ii) PhDs candidates must have completed a Degree and/or post-doc training in immunology or biochemistry/molecular biology and express a strong documentable interest in the study of systemic autoimmune diseases.

Interested candidates should contact Dr. George Tsokos (director of the fellowship) at or Dr. Cornelis Terhost (co-director) at