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Fellows Publications

Here is a select list of publications for our current fellows:

ARMSTRONG C, Liu E, Okuma J, Spiegelman D, Guerino C, Njelekela M, Grinspoon S, Fawzi W, Hawkins C:  Dyslipidemia in an HIV-positive antiretroviral treatment-naive population in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania .  J Acquir Immune Defic Snydr  2011; 57:141-145. 

BRANCH-ELLIMAN W, Golen TH, Gold HS, Yassa DS, Baldini LM, Wright SB:  Risk factors for Staphylococcus aureus postpartum breast abscess.  Clin Infect Dis  2012; 54(1):71-77.

BRANCH-ELLIMAN W, Weiss D, Balter S, Bornschlegel K, Phillips M:  Hepatitis C transmission due to contamination of multidose medication vials:  Summary of an outbreak and a call to action.  Am J Infect Control  2012 (In Press).

Pai M, Schumacher SG, Sohn H, DENKINGER CM:  TB diagnostics:  Current pipeline, new developments and unmet needs.  Future Medicine 2011; Chapter 2. 

DENKINGER CM, Dheda K, Pai M:  Guidelines on interferon-gamma release assays for tuberculosis infection:  Concordance, discordance or confusion?  Clin Microbiol Infect  2011; 17:806-814. 

Smith R, Cattamanchi A, Steingard KR, DENKINGER C, Dheda K, Winthrop KL, Pai M:  Interferon-gamma release assays for diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection:  Evidence in immune-mediated inflammatory disorders.  Curr Opin Rheumatol  2011; 23:377-384. 

Pinto LM, Grenier J, Schumacher SG, DENKINGER CM, Steingart KR, Pai M:  Immunodiagnosis of tuberculosis:  State of the art.  Medical Principles and Practice  2011; published on-line. 

Grenier J, DENKINGER C:  TB diagnostics in India:  From importation and imitation to innovation, Bengaluru, 25-26 August 2011.  Natl Med J India  2011; 24(5):307-308. 

Denkinger MD, Nikolaus T, DENKINGER C, Lukas A:  Physical activity for the prevention of cognitive decline:  Current evidence from observational and controlled studies.  Z Gerontol Geriat  2012; 45:11-16.

FLASH C, KRAKOWER D, Mayer KH:  The promise of antiretrovirals for HIV prevention.   Curr Infect Dis Rep  Published on-line February 2012. 

KRAKOWER D, Kwan CK, Yassa DS, Colvin RA:  iAIDS:  HIV-related internet resources for the practicing clinician.  Clin Infect Dis  2010; 51(7):813-822.

KRAKOWER D, Mimiaga MJ, Rosenberger JG, Novak DS, Mitty JA, White JM, Mayer KH:  Limited access and low immediate uptake of pre-exposure prophylaxis amongmen who have sex with men using an internet social networking site.  PLoS One 2012; 7(3):e33119.

Mayer KH, KRAKOWER D. Antiretroviral Medication and HIV Prevention: New Steps Forward and New Questions. Ann Intern Med  2012;156(4):312-4.

, Mayer KH:  What primary care providers need to know about preexposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention:  A narrative review.  Ann Intern Med  2012; (In Press).

KRAKOWER D, Mayer, KH. "Engaging Healthcare Providers to Implement HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis."  Curr Opin HIV/AIDS 2012; (In Press).

Tran-Winkler JH, LOVE JF, Gryllos I, Wessels MR:  Signal transduction through CsrRS confers an invasive phenotype in Group A StreptococcusPLOS Pathogens  2011; 7(10):e1002361. 

MATTHEWS LT, Giddy J, Ghebremichael M, Hampton J, Guarino AJ, Ewusi A, Carver E, Axten K, Geary MC, Ghandi RT, Bangsberg DR:  A risk-factor guided approach to reducing lactic acidosis and hyperlactatemia in patients on antiretroviral therapy.  PLOS One  2011; 6(4):e-18736.  

MATTHEWS LT, Crankshaw T, Giddy J, Kaida A, Smit JA, Ware NC, Bangsberg DR:  Reproductive decision-making and periconception practices among HIV-positive men and women attending HIV services in Durban, South Africa.  AIDS Behav  2011; Published on-line.  

MATTHEWS LT, Ribaudo HJ, Parekh N, Chen JY, Binda K, Ogwu A, Makhema J, Souda S, Lockman S, Essex M, Shapiro RL:  Birth weight for gestational agenorms for a large cohort of infants born to HIV-negatie women in Botswana compared with norms for U.S.-born black infants.  BMC Pediatrics 2011; 11:115.  

Bakhos CT, Gangadharan SP, SNYDER GM, Wong MT, Hagberg RC:  Managemet of aortic brucellosis with infection of a descending thoracic aortic stent graft.  Ann Thorac Surg  2010; 89:2038-40.  

Dinh T, SNYDER GM, Veves A:  Current techniques to detect foot infection in the diabetic patient.  Internat J Lower Extrem Wounds  2010; 9(1):24-30. 

SNYDER GM, D'Agata EMC:  Diagnostic accuracy of surveillance cultures to detect gastrointestinal colonization with multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacteria.  Am J Infect Control  2011;  

SNYDER GM, O'Fallon E, D'Agata EMC:  Co-colonization with multiple different species of multi-drug resistant gram-negative bacteria.  Am J Infect Control  2011; 39(6):506-510.  

SNYDER GM, D'Agata EMC:  Novel antimicrobial-resistant bacteria among patients requiring chronic hemodialysis.  Curr Opin Nephrol Hypertens  2012; 21(2):211-215.