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Recent SAEM Abstracts


Author List

Title of abstract

Adler J, Rosen C, Wolfe R, Gurley K, Grossman S, Tibbles C

Assessing resident error in the emergency department

Burke, LG, Orav, EJ, Jha, AK

Concentration of ED Utilization Among Medicare Beneficiaries

Burke, LG, Orav, EJ, Jha, AK

Factors Associated with Thirty Day Mortality After an Outpatient ED Visit

Burke, LG, Orav, EJ, Jha, AK

Profile of Emergency Department Utilization by High Cost Medicare Beneficiaries

Burke, LG, Orav, EJ, Jha, AK

Relationship Between Admission Rate and Outcomes for Medicare Beneficiaries

Burke, LG, Wild, RC, Orav, EJ, Jha, AK, Hsia, RY

Trends in ED Practice Intensity Among Medicare Beneficiaries

Epstein SK, Patterson BW, Nathanson, LA., Novack V

ED Visits for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions After The Establishment of a Pioneer ACO

Gullett JP, Donnelly JP, Auster M, Welwarth J, Schafer JM., Hoffmann B 

Accuracy of Sonographic CHF Diagnosis to Conventional Cxr in Patients Presenting with Undifferentiated Shortness of Breath

Gurley, Kiersten, Bagg, Nicole, Tibbles, Carrie, Greenberg, Penny, Song, Ellen, Janes, Margaret, Yu, Winnie, Rosen, Carlo

A Novel Curriculum Developed in Collaboration with a Malpractice Carrier positively impacts EM resident practice habits

Gurley, Kiersten, Grossman, Shamai, Janes, Maggie, Song, Ellen, Yu, Winnie, Tibbles, Carrie, Rosen, Carlo

Comparison of Malpractice Claims Involving EM Residents to Attending Only Claims

Hall, Matthew, Dubosh, Nicole, Ullman, Edward

Distribution of Honors Grades Across 4th Year Emergency Medicine Clerkships

Hall, Matthew, Novak, Victor, Smulowitz, Peter

Variation in Physician Level Admission Rates for ED Patients Presenting with Chest Pain

Herbst, Meghan K., Carter, Elisabeth, Wu, Shirley, Schafer, Jesse, Welwarth, Jeremy, Hoffmann, Beatrice

Feasibility of Pneumoperitoneum Diagnosis using Point-of-Care Ultrasound. A Pilot study using a Fresh Cadaver Model

Schafer, Jesse, Welwarth, Jeremy, Hoffmann, Beatrice

Splenic Ultrasound Findings in Patients with HIV and TB: A Systematic Review

Singleton, Jennifer M., Masser, Barbara, Sanchez, Leon, Reich, Betzalel

Evaluation of a Novel Web-based Electronic Signout Process for ED to Inpatient Admissions

Singleton, Jennifer M., Hinson, Jeremiah, Kane, Erin M., Schafer, Jesse M. , Wright, Sherieka, Hoffmann, Beatrice

Sonographic Detection of Impacted Esophageal Foreign Bodies - A Feasibility Study

Joseph, Joshua, Strouse, Connie, Nathanson, Larry, Sanchez, Leon

Modeling Hourly Resident Productivity Over the Course of a Shift

Welwarth, Jeremy, Schafer, Jesse M. , Skomorovsky, Elena, Hardin, John, Hoffmann, Beatrice

Standardized Prehospital Provider Training in Sonographic Detection of Pneumothorax is Feasible and Accurate - A Review of the Literature and Meta-analysis

Karlsson CM, Andersen LW, Abella BS, Callaway  CW, Cocchi, MN, Gaieski, DF, Ornato J, Peberdy, MA, Rittenberger, J, Liu X, Donnino MW

Mitochondrial- and Nuclear DNA Levels in Post-Cardiac Arrest Patients

Donnino, Michael W, Andersen, Lars W, Callaway, CW, Rittenberger, JC, Peberdy, MA, Ornato, J, Gaieski, DF, Abella, BS, Liu, X, Cocchi, Michael N

Cytochrome C Levels in Post-Cardiac Arrest Patients

Andersen, Lars W, Kurth, Tobias, Chase, Maureen, Berg, Katherine M, Cocchi, Michael N, Callaway, Clifton, Donnino, Michael W

Early Epinephrine in In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Patients with an Initial Shockable rhythm: A Propensity Score Matched Analysis

Redfield, C, Tlimat A, Ullman E, Nathanson L, Horng S

Do derivation and validation of algorithm to match EMS EPCRs to ED records?

Leventhal, Evan, Landry, Alden, Nathanson, Larry

Variations in Opioid Prescribing Behavior by Physician Training

Ganetsky, Michael, Pereira, Luis, Berg, Anders, Salhanick, Steven

Propylene Glycol reduces acetaminophen toxic metabolite production in humans suggesting a role in decreasing toxicity

Joseph, Joshua, Stoker, Michael, Shah, Kaushal, Nathanson, Larry, Sanchez, Leon

Is there a July Effect? Measuring Productivity Throughout Intern Year

Tse, Audrey, Sanchez, Leon, Lee, Terrance

Cognitive Function Decline in EM Physicians During Shifts

Redfield, C, Tlimat A, Ullman E, Nathanson L, Horng S

Expert opinion deterministic matching algorithm to EMS EPCRs to ED records linkage rates