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Graduate Medical Education Policies

The Graduate Medical Education (GME) committee has developed and approved a series of polices related to the education and well being of all house staff. These polices cover a broad range of issues from the requirements for resident medical licensure to what happens to the BIDMC programs in the event of a national or hospital wide disaster.

Although many policies are required by the ACGME, we believe that these polices do more than just fulfill requirements. Our polices have been carefully written to assist house staff and program leadership tackle complex issues that may come up during training. These polices can provide guidance to our graduate medical education community, allowing programs to provide a superior educational experience that respects the rights of the individual residents or fellows while also supporting their program leadership.

For questions surrounding these polices please contact Jill Herrin, Administrative Director, GME or email 

All Policies listed below can be found at  GME Online Trainee Manual 

GME Trainee Policy Manual

  • GME 01: Duty Hours Pgs. 1-4
  • GME 02: Duty Hour Exceptions Pgs. 5-8
  • GME 03: Policy on Evaluation and Promotion Pgs 8-13
  • GME 04: Extension of Training Pgs. 14-15
  • GME 05: Policy and Procedure for Trainee Grievances Pgs. 16-21
  • GME 06: Leave of Absence Pgs. 22-29
  • GME 07: Medical Licensure Pgs. 30-31
  • GME 08: Participation in Institutional Quality Assurance Pgs. 32
  • GME 09: Observation Experience Pgs. 34 -36
  • GME 10: Remediation and Discipline Pgs. 37-48
  • GME11: Residency Closure/Reduction Pgs. 49
  • GME12: Trainee Contracts (Interns, Residents, Fellows) Pgs. 50-51
  • GME 13: Restrictive Covenants Pgs. 52
  • GME 14: Trainee Impairment and Substance Abuse Pgs. 53-56
  • GME 15: Trainee Supervision for Interns, Residents and Fellows Pgs. 57-61
  • GME 16: Trainee Moonlighting Pgs. 62-63
  • GME 17: Resident Eligibility & Selection Pgs. 64-66
  • GME 18: Departmental Tracking for Harvard Medical School Continuing Medical Education Credits Pgs. 67-68
  • GME 19: USMLE Completion Requirement Pgs. 69
  • GME 20: Multidisciplinary Pain Management Policy Pgs. 70-71
  • GME 21: Anesthesia and Surgical Critical Care Multidisciplinary Policy Pgs. 72-73
  • GME 22: Graduate Medical Education Guidelines for Program Affiliation Agreement Signatures Pgs. 74-75
  • GME 23: Disaster-Patient Interruption Policy Pgs. 76-78
  • GME 24: Statement of Commitment Pgs. 79-80
  • GME 25: National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) for all ACGME and NON-ACGME Trainees (Interns, Residents, Fellows & Rotators) Pgs. 81-82
  • GME 26: Accommodations for Trainees with Disabilities Pgs. 83-86

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