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Other Clinical Programs

Other Clinical Services

Program in Advanced Heart Failure

As advances in treatment continue to develop and evolve, this ambulatory program assures that fellows develop state-of-the-art expertise in treating heart failure patients. Advanced inpatient and outpatient pharmacologic therapies are developed by the section and resynchronization therapy is offered in conjunction with electrophysiology. Cardiac transplantation evaluation is provided to the critically ill (in conjunction with the department of cardiothoracic surgery) and ventricular assist devices can be implanted. Entry and on-site participation in major FDA-approved clinical studies including destination therapy ventricular assist devices and artificial heart programs are currently in development. Fellows rotate for one to two months on the service, and support is given to pursuing additional fellowship training in advanced heart failure managment and cardiac transplantation.

Cardiovascular Health and Lipid Center.

Under the Direction of Dr. J. Peter Oettgen, the Cardiovascular Health and Lipid Center is a multidisciplinary outpatient program that meets twice a week at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The primary focus is on risk reduction and the diagnosis and management of complex lipid disorders. In addition to faculty, fellows and senior medical residents, a registered dietitian and a lipid nurse specialist staff the Lipid Center, which oversees approximately 1,000 patients. The Lipid Center is also a forum for clinical research. All clinical information and laboratory results are incorporated into a longitudinal database that tracks patient responses to dietary and pharmacologic strategies. In addition, the Lipid Center's patient population serves as a resource for basic metabolic and genetic studies and provides fellows an opportunity to become familiar with the diagnosis and management of hyperlipidemia as it pertains to cardiovascular disease.

Hybrid Operating Room. BIDMC's new hybrid OR combines catheterization, surgery and electrophysiology (EP) capabilities in a single space, allowing maximum flexibility and speed in the treatment of patients with complex heart conditions. The hybrid OR brings together highly advanced  equipment, skilled surgeons, cardiologists and anesthesiologists and specialized nursing and technologist staff to perform complex cases that involve two or more major services. The obvious advantage is a matter of time and space, eliminating the need to move a patient to a different room, for example, to accommodate surgery after the placement of a stent or the treatment of an arrhythmia.

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Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
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