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Leadership, Cardiovascular Division


Chairman, Department of Medicine  Mark L. Zeidel, MD
Chief, Cardiovascular Division  Mark E. Josephson, MD
Associate Chief, Cardiovascular Research  Anthony Rosenzweig, MD

Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Training Program

Director  Duane S. Pinto, MD
Associate Director  T. David O'Halloran, MD

Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Training Program

Director  Donald Cutlip, MD

Cardiac Electrophysiology Fellowship Training Program

Director  Alfred Buxton, MD

Critical and Intermediate Care

Director, Cardiac Care Unit  Peter J. Zimetbaum, MD


Director, Electrocardiography Laboratory  John E. Markis, MD


Director, Harvard-Thorndike Electrophysiology Institute and Arrhythmia Service
 Mark E. Josephson, MD

Clinical Electrophysiology Laboratory

Director, Clinical Electrophysiology Laboratory  Mark E. Josephson, MD
Director, Arrhythmia Monitoring Pacemaker and Device Clinic
 Charles Haffajee, MD

Invasive Cardiology

Section Chief, Interventional Cardiology  Donald E. Cutlip, MD
Director, Peripheral Vascular Program  

Noninvasive Cardiology

Chief, Noninvasive Cardiac Imaging  Warren J. Manning, MD
Director, Clinical Physiology Laboratory  Ernest Gervino, ScD
Co-director, Cardiac MR Center  Warren J. Manning, MD

Nuclear Cardiology

Director, Nuclear Cardiovascular Medicine  Thomas Hauser, MD

Outpatient Cardiology

Director, Ambulatory Cardiology  Eli V. Gelfand, MD

Preventive Cardiology

Director, Preventive Cardiology  J. Peter Oettgen, MD

Cardiovascular and Lipid Center

Director  J. Peter Oettgen, MD


Director, Cardiovascular Research  Anthony Rosenzweig, MD
Co-director, Cardiac Epidemiology and Clinical Trials  Murray A. Mittleman, MD, DrPH
Director, Core Laboratories TIMI Data Coordinating Center  C. Michael Gibson, MD, MS
Co-Directors, Cardiovascular MRI Core Lab at Perfuse

Warren J. Manning, MD

Evan Appelbaum, MD



Chief of Clinical Epidemiology, Harvard Clinical Research Institute  Kalon K.L. Ho, MD, MSc
Chief Medical Officer, Harvard Clinical Research Institute  Donald E. Cutlip, MD
Director, Harvard-Thorndike Electrophysiology Research Institute  Mark E. Josephson, MD
Director, Preclinical Animal Laboratory  Federica del Monte, MD, PhD
Director, Cardiac Physiology Core Laboratory  Peter Kang, MD





Contact Information

Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship Program
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
185 Pilgrim Road
Boston, MA 02215