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Charitable Remainder Trust

Charitable remainder trusts are individually managed accounts from which payments are made to the named beneficiary(ies) for his or her lifetime or a term of years. On the death of the last named beneficiary or end of the trust term, the principal is transferred to BIDMC to be used in accordance with your wishes.

Charitable remainder trusts at BIDMC can be established with gifts of $100,000 or more. You determine the rate of annual payments at the outset, subject to certain guidelines. The trusts pay out to the named beneficiary(ies) for their lifetime(s). Charitable remainder trusts can be structured in a variety of ways to suit your particular situation.

Summary of benefits:

  • A charitable remainder trust offers a quarterly variable income stream for your lifetime(s).
  • You have the possibility of increased income over time.
  • You receive a federal income tax charitable deduction to be used in the year you make your gift.
  • By transferring appreciated securities for this gift, you will avoid capital gains taxes on the transfer.
  • You have the ability to make a more significant gift to BIDMC.
  • You receive membership in the Lunn Society, BIDMC's recognition society for individuals who have made a planned gift.

Note: The information on this website is not intended to serve as legal or financial advice. When planning a specific charitable gift, the services of a legal or financial advisor should be obtained.

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