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Transplant Assistants

The Transplant Assistant greets patients who have an appointment in the Transplant Institue. They make sure that the doctors and the nurse coordinators have the patient's updated medical record and they take vital signs at each appointment.

Shonda Ettiene

Shonda Ettienne
School: Bryman Institutes
Medical Assisting Diploma- Honors

Years Experience:  
5 years working at an Internal Medicine and Medical Specialties office 

1 year at BIDMC Transplant Institute as a Practice Assistant.

Shonda began working as a transplant assistant in 2008. Prior to working for the Transplant Institue, Shonda spent 5 yrs working for an Internal Medicine and Medical Specialties office as a medical assistant and scheduling coordinator.

"Working for the Transplant Institute has been such an honor.  When I see the smile on a post-transplant patient's face or the resiliency of our pre-transplant patients, I know that I am helping in some way to make their life better.  It's a gratifying and also a humbling experience."  

Meraris Perez

Meraris Perez
School: Northeast Regional Vocational High School. Wakefield MA

Years Experience: 
4 years working in Nursing Homes/Rehab Facilities as a CNA.
2 years in the Surgery/Trauma inpatient unit in BIDMC as a PCT
1 year in the Transplant Institute as a Practice Assistant.

"Everyday I look forward to coming into work and making a difference in peoples lives; Whether it be by booking their appointments in a convinient manner or putting a smile on their face while taking vital signs. Knowing that somehow I am contributing to helping someones road to recovery brings me great satisfaction."  

Contact Information

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Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Lowry Medical Office Building, 7th Floor
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