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Transplant Psychologist

The transplant psychologist is a behavioral health professional who specializes in transplantation. The transplant psychologist evaluates the behavioral health and psychological needs of patients and families as they confront the challenges of chronic illness, transplantation, and long-term survivorship. The transplant psychologist implements treatment programs to help patients reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, lose weight, stop smoking, prevent relapse to alcohol and drug abuse, improve quality of life, and more effectively manage stress. Psychological services also are available to help family members cope successfully with demands of caring for patients in need of or recovering from transplantation. The transplant psychologist also coordinates health care of transplant patients with other mental health providers at BIDMC and in the community.

James R. Rodrigue, PhD

James R. Rodrigue, PhD

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Transplant Institute
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Lowry Medical Office Building, 7th Floor
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Boston, MA 02215