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Ultrasound exams are performed at our three Boston locations and at our 1101 Beacon St., Brookline; Medical Care Center, Lexington; and Medical Care Center North, Chelsea locations. Please see the "Schedule an Exam" page for more information.

An ultrasound exam is a safe diagnostic procedure that uses very-high-frequency sound waves to produce an image of many of the internal structures of the body. Originally developed in the late 1950's, over the years the machines have become better and better, resulting in images of outstanding detail and clarity.

US of the neck Why have an ultrasound exam instead of an X-ray or CT scan? Ultrasound uses sound waves, not X-rays. Multiple studies have shown that these sound waves are harmless and may be used with complete safety, even on pregnant women, where CT or X-rays would be inappropriate. In some other cases, either CT or ultrasound could be used to establish a diagnosis, but ultrasound exams are typically quicker and less expensive. Your physician will order the best kind of exam for your situation.

What's special about the ultrasound services offered by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center? At Beth Israel Deaconess, we're extremely proud of our facilities, which offer...

  • Fully accredited ultrasound facility via the American College of Radiology and ICAVL
  • 18 ultrasound rooms
  • Top-of-the-line equipment
  • A dedicated staff of technologists and physicians who will complete your study on time without unnecessary stress

The results of ultrasound exams are very much dependent on the skill of the operator. For this reason, Beth Israel Deaconess employs only doctors with extensive ultrasound training to perform these exams.

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