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Preparing For Your Procedure

Interventional Radiology

There are a few general guidelines that apply to all interventional radiology procedures. Please see our detailed procedure pages for more information on your specific procedure. We will contact you on the day prior to the procedure to make sure you are sufficiently familiar with what will be awaiting you. Procedures for which you will likely want to receive medication that relaxes and counteracts discomfort require that you be without solid food for at least 6 hours. Patients who will have punctures of the groin will require bed rest for about 4-6 hours depending on the size of the access needle. Patients who have punctures to the groin veins will require bed rest 2 to 4 hours after the procedure. Some procedures to the veins are conducted through the neck and arm vessels and recovery there can be shorter. Finally, for some procedures patients are admitted overnight.

The following is a list of important information all patients must know prior to having any procedure with Interventional Radiology:

  1. All patients must have a ride home.
  2. All patients having angiograms need to someone to stay with them OVERNIGHT, or can not have the procedure.
  3. No food or drinks after midnight except for sips of water to take meds.
  4. All blood pressure medications need to be taken the morning of the procedure.
  5. If patient is on insulin, the patient should only take half of their morning dosage.
  6. If there are any questions about medications, patients should bring their meds with them, or a complete list of the medication which include the dosage.
  7. All blood thinners need to be held 5 days prior to the procedure.