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Breast MRI

breast MRIAt Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, our highly trained breast health specialists perform breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for patients on the most advanced equipment in the comfortable setting of our BreastCare Center.

We use breast MRI as a screening tool in high risk patients, and also as a diagnostic tool to gather further information about a patient with a specific breast problem. Breast MRIs cannot find tiny microcalcifications and sometimes cannot distinguish between cancerous and non-cancerous masses. Therefore, breast MRI should not be used as a replacement regular mammograms.

Your primary care provider or breast health specialist can help determine if a breast MRI is appropriate for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Breast MRI

We encourage you to read through these and other frequently asked questions about breast MRIs. For more information, please call our BreastCare Center at 617-667-2900 (choose option 1).

Priscilla Slantez, MD, reviews a breast MRIWhat is a breast MRI?

A breast MRI creates hundreds of detailed, cross-sectional pictures of the breast, using a magnet, radio waves, and a computer to produce the images. MRI provides 10 to 100 times greater contrast between breast tissues than an X-ray. Read more »

Why would I need a breast MRI?

Breast MRI is recommended for screening women who are at a higher risk for developing breast cancer, such as women who are BRCA gene carriers, in addition to mammography.
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What will happen during my breast MRI exam?

You will first need to change into an exam gown in our private dressing area. Next, one of our technologists will review the MRI procedure with you and answer any additional questions you might have. A thin, plastic tube will then be carefully inserted in your arm or on the back of your hand. This IV line is used to inject a liquid contrast material that assists in creating vivid images of breast tissue. In the MRI exam room, you will be asked to lie on your stomach, with your arms above your head, on a table that is movable and padded.
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How long does it take to receive my breast MRI results?

Our Breast Imaging radiologists interpret the images from your MRI, write the report and send it to your referring medical provider within approximately 24 hours. We know how difficult it is to wait for results and how important it is to receive them as soon as possible.
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