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Radiology Examinations

At Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, we offer a complete array of radiologic tests. Many are also available at several community sites such as Brookline, Chestnut Hill, Chelsea, Lexington, Needham, and Harrington Hospital. The Department of Radiology is committed to implementing cutting edge technologies for better patient care.

Hear one patient's story: Robin Young is glad she had a CT scan at BIDMC.

"I had been a smoker for several years, attempting to give it up many times and finally succeeding in August 1990. In January of 2000 spiral CT was made available as a screening for lung cancer. While I was hoping that all would be okay, I was aware that the examination could prove otherwise. Dr. Boiselle, Chief of Thoracic Imaging, called me that very morning and told me that I had a suspicious 15 mm lesion in the upper right lobe. I decided I wanted this checked and removed as soon as possible and on 2/8/00 I underwent a right upper lobectomy for a bronchoalveolar carcinoma. This was a very small 6 mm cancer and I needed no further treatment.

I feel so fortunate to have been working here and to have been able to take advantage of this offer and have such a fine radiologist as Dr. Boiselle involved. Because of this diagnosis and outcome, my twin brother had a spiral CT in Toronto (which was normal) and an associate of his had one as well, which showed, like me, a small cancer which was removed - so Canada is thankful too! "

-Robin Young
Radiology Transcription

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