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Spanish Speaking Staff and Providers

BIDMC Latino Provider Group

Mission Statement

Our mission is to identify and support efforts to integrate culturally appropriate patient care, in the areas of access, program development, staff recruitment and retention, research, education and training, while providing a forum for Latino and bilingual providers working with BIDMC's Latino patient population.

Behavioral Neurology Unit

Claudia Epelbaum MD

Karla Castellanos, CRS
Community Resource Specialist, social work

María Munoz Cunio, MD, PhD
Staff neuropsychologist

Albert Galaburda, MD
Chief of Division of Behavioral Neurology and Memory Disorders

Miosotis Galdos
Administrative Assistant II

Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Neurology

BIDMC Support

Madelyn Ruiz
Physician referral


Julián Aroesty, MD

Marisol Diaz
Administrative Assistant II

Lawrence García, MD

María Pavón
Stress test technician


Clara Curiel, MD
Director of Pigmented Lesion Clinic; Co-director of Cutaneous Oncology program

Brian Jiang, MD

/Joslin Clinic's Adult Latino Diabetes Care and Education Program

Enrique Caballero, MD
Endocrinologist / Clinical Investigator/Program Director

Elizabeth Halprin, MD

María Koen, RN
Nurse Educator

Nicolas Musi, MD

Fernando Salcido
Patient Services Coordinator

Valeria Montagnani, RD
Nutrition Educator/Researcher

Kirsten Ward, MS, RCEP
Exercise Physiologist,

Environmental Services

Miguel Proano
Environmental Services Operations Manager


Regina Marranzini
Research Assistant

Gastroenterology / Hepatology

Stephanie Cooper, MD

Richard Doyle, MD

Kenneth Falchuck, MD

Miron Falchuck, MD

Andres Gelrud, MD, MMSc

Health Information Management

Olga Marcial

Dinorah Martinez
Medical record Assistant


Jeanette Aitelhadj
Administrative Assistant

Clara Curiel, MD
Director of Pigmented Lesion Clinic; Co-director of Cutaneous Oncology program

Bruce Dezube, MD
HIV provider, AIDS cancer, hematology

John Murphy, LICSW
Hem/Onc social worker

Grisel Rivera
Research Admin. Assistant II

Human Resources

Maribel Collazo

Information Systems

Jose Cruz
IS support center

Inpatient Staff

Zeny Mejia
Patient Care Technician, Farr 5

Interpreter Services

Manuel Avellan
Staff interpreter

Shari Gold-Gomez

Natalie Hardee
Staff interpreter

Lucy Kirsch
Staff interpreter

Guillermo Nojechowicz
Staff interpreter

Jose Parra
Staff interpreter

Enrique Sanchez
Staff Interpreter

Davide Romero
Administrative Assistant

IRB Administration

Isabel Romero, MS
IRB full board administrator

Labor and Delivery

Marybeth Meservey, RN
Clinical nurse IV


Andres Cardenas, MD
Instructor in Medicine, will see patients starting January 1, 2004


Maya-Ri Sanchez-Hernandez
Clinical Coordinator for preemie follow-up program


Juan Antonio Acosta, MD
Instructor in Neurology


Trixie Stewart


Jacqueline Calcano
Administrative Assistant

Ivonne Gomez-Carrion, MD

Sigal Klipstein, MD

Adrienne Lara-Fuller, MD

Pamela Lotke, MD

Denise Morin, MD

Diane Morof, MD

Nina Ryan-Douglass, LICSW
Senior Clinical Social Worker

Valerie Sugiyama

OB/GYN Chelsea

Sonia Ordoñez, MD


Jorge Arroyo, MD


Roberto Jose Fajardo, PhD
Post-doc researcher, orthopedic biomechanics

Pastoral Care and Education

Father Bruce Teague
Catholic Priest / Chaplain


Maria Botero, MD

Physical Therapy

Darlene Harrier, PT
Rehab services, physical therapist

APG / Chelsea

Jose Abrego, MD

Lucia Aponte
Medical Assistant

Lillian Robles
Practice Assistant

Sumaya Ruiz
Medical Assistant

APG / Jamaica Plain

María Copello, MD

John Jewett, MD

Natalia Sedo, ANP

Bowdoin Street Health Center

Jean Alves, MD

Robyn Churchill, CNM

Joseph Ingelfinger, MD

Sr. Margaret Nelson, FNP

Martin November, MD

Rose O'Brien, RN
Clinical nurse specialist, cardiovascular and diabetes education

Elizabeth Solis
Family planning coordinator

Theresa Weir, FNP


Higuaniona Almonte
Medical Assistant

Rafael Campo, MD, MA

Leonor Fernandez, MD

Alex Gonzalez, MD
Internal medicine JAR

Greg Piaza

Elisa Valente, MD
Internal medicine, junior resident

John Yang

Peter Gonzalez, MD

Maria Teresa Cuddihy, MD

Michael Dwight Howell, MD

Corinna Manini
Medicine Intern

María Mejía
Community Resource Specialist

HCA Psychiatry

Ernestina Pelayo, MD
Staff Psychiatrist

Teresa Rodriguez-Jacobson, LICSW
Staff Social worker


Orquidea Tejeda
Administrative Assistant II

Latino Mental Health Service

Nancy Avendaño
Staff Assistant

Antonio Bullón, MD

Karla Castellanos, CRS
Community Resource Specialist

María Munoz Cunio, MD, PhD
Staff neuropsychologist

Fabiana Wallis, Ph.D.
Psychologist/Program Director


Janet Baum, MD

Carlos Caceres, MD

Bertrand Janne d'Othee, MD
Staff radiologist, interventional radiologist

Isabella Palma-Iodice
CAT scan technician

Safety and Security

Victor Sanchez
Day shift supervisor

Social Work

Laura Goorin
Program advocate, Center for Violence Prevention and Recovery

Nina Ryan-Douglass, LICSW
Social worker, OB/GYN

Lisa Tiezsen, LICSW
Co-director of Center for Violence Prevention and Recovery

Shapiro Institute for Research and Education

Justina Yee
Graduate medical education


Linda Alvarado
Operating room scheduler

Leonardo Claros, MD
General Surgery Resident

Rafael Gonzalez Jr., LPN
Scrub nurse

María Mata
Unit coordinator, Shapiro 3 ambulatory surgery

Thelma Williams
Surgical Specialties practice Assistant 2

Atreva Health Care, Jamaica Plain

Francisco Trilla, MD

Richard Anderson, NP

Rosemary Burns, NP

Nydia Collazo
Administrative Assistant

Linda Currini, NP

Catherine DaSilva, NP

Angela Patterson, NP

Patricia Tonra, NP

Independent Practice

Jose Molinar, MD

Independent Practice

Jose Ruano, MD

Osher Institute, HMS

Robert Graham, MD
Internist/ Clinical Research Fellow in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Sandra Rodrigues, PhD
(post-doc, department)

Contact Information

Latino Mental Health Services
Department of Psychiatry
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
330 Brookline Aveneu
Boston, MA 02215