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Surgical Pathology

Pathologic Diagnoses on Tissues Removed from Patients

Surgical Pathology renders pathologic diagnoses on tissues removed from patients. It includes the immediate evaluation of specimens in the operating room by frozen section to assist surgeons in making important intraoperative decisions.

In addition to routine assessment by hematoxylin-and-eosin staining of paraffin-embedded sections, specimens are also evaluated by special techniques as appropriate.

Tissue removed at surgery is examined grossly and portions are fixed, dehydrated, cleared, embedded, sectioned, mounted on slides, and stained in preparation for microscopic examination.

Histology Laboratory

The histology laboratory employs a wide variety of special stains and maintains over 200 specific antibodies for immunohistochemistry on paraffin-embedded and frozen tissue sections. Immunohistochemistry is routinely performed on more than 10,000 specimens per year. Our electron microscopy unit examines approximately 200 samples each year.

Multidisciplinary and Coordinated Approach

Our surgical  pathologists have joined with colleagues in several clinical departments to form multidisciplinary clinics that are designed to optimize the care of patients with various types of malignancy.

Collaborations with Breast Clinic and Cutaneous Oncology

Examples include collaborations with the breast clinic and cutaneous oncology. In these forums, clinicians, radiologists and pathologists join together to provide seamless care for all new patients as well as for patients whose initial diagnostic procedures were performed elsewhere. In this manner, we are integrating pathology into a coordinated approach that significantly enhances patient care.

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