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The Glover Cafe

The New Glover Cafe Weekly Specials Menu

 2 Weeks of April 14 - April 25

Café Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday    7:00 am - 6:00 pm *No hot food after 2 PM

Saturday 8:00 AM - 2:00  PM (Simply to Go, Beverages, Snacks, Soup will be served)

 Breakfast 7:00 am – 10:30 am

Lunch 11:00 am – 2:00 pm 

Simply to Go, Beverages, Snacks, Soup 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm 


Weekly Deli Special: Greek Chicken Souvlaki Pita…….$5.50
Marinated and grilled lemon chicken with tzatziki sauce, feta cheese, lettuce, and tomato
in a Greek-style pita bread.


Soups: Pasta Fagioli $1.50/ 1.75 Split Pea and Ham $1.50/1.75
Pizza: Cheese $2.25 Chicken, Broccoli, Alfredo $2.65
Entrée: Quesadilla Bar $5.50
Sides: Grilled Mexican Vegetables $0.75


Soups: Matzo Ball Soup $1.50/1.75 Buffalo Chicken $1.50/1.75
Pizza: Cheese $2.25 Philly Cheesesteak Pizza $2.65
Action Station: Roast Turkey with Gravy $5.25
Traditional Sage Stuffing $0.75
Butternut Squash $0.75
Red Bliss Garlic Smashed Potatoes $0.75 
Wellness Wednesday: 

Soups: Italian Wedding $1.50/ 1.75 Broccoli Cheddar $2.00/2.50
Pizza: Cheese $2.25 Hawaiian $2.65
Entrée: Balsamic Chicken Kabobs $5.25
Sides: Sautéed Spinach and Kale $0.75
Lentil Ragout $0.75 

Soups: Chicken Dumpling $1.50/1.75 Beef Chili $2.50/3.00
Pizza: Cheese $2.25 Supreme $2.65
Entrée: Pasta Bar $5.50
Sides: Herbed Breadstick $0.75  

Soups: Beef Barely and Vegetable $1.50/1.75 New England Clam Chowder $2.00/2.50
Pizza: Cheese $2.25 Chicken Bacon Ranch $2.65
Entrée: Seafood Chowder in a Bread Bowl $6.00
Sides: Roasted Beets $0.75 

 Week of 4/21-4/25 Deli Special: Eggplant Milanese Sandwich…..$5.50
Marinated and grilled eggplant slices topped with fresh basil, mozzarella cheese and Roma tomatoes, drizzled with balsamic glaze on a ciabatta roll.

Monday: 4/21

Soups: Loaded Potato $1.50/1.75 Chicken and Rice $1.50/1.75
Pizza: Cheese $2.25 Chicken, Bacon, Ranch $2.65
Holiday hours 7-2, No entrée served.

Tuesday: 4/22

Soups: Harvest Vegetable with Pesto $1.50/1.75 Corn Chowder $2.00/2.50
Pizza: Cheese $2.25 Italian Meat Lover’s $2.65
Entrée: Baked Potato Bar $5.25

Wellness Wednesday: 4/23

Soups: Italian Wedding $1.50/1.75 Broccoli and Cheddar $1.50/1.75
Pizza: Cheese $2.25 Pesto Veggie Pizza $2.65
Entrée: Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast $5.25
Sides: Barley Pilaf with Mushrooms $0.75
Balsamic Roasted Carrots $0.75

Thursday: 4/24

Soups: Cream of Crab $2.00/2.50 Beef Chili $2.50/3.00
Pizza: Cheese $2.25 Cheeseburger Pizza $2.65
Entrée: Make Your Own Burrito Bar $5.25

Friday: 4/25

Soups: Chicken & Tortellini $1.50/1.75 New England Clam Chowder $2.00/2.50
Pizza: Cheese $2.25 BBQ Chicken $2.65
Entrée: Chicken Fingers $5.00
Grilled Hot Dog $1.50
Philly Cheesesteak $5.25
Fried Ravioli $1.00
Curly Fries $0.75


The Glover Café is located on the ground floor of the hospital under the grand staircase and is open to employees, families and visitors. For more information about the Glover Café, call (781) 453-3010.

We proudly serve Seattle’s Best coffee and tea and Coca-Cola bottled beverages 

If you or anyone in your party has a food allergy, please alert a member of our kitchen staff prior to ordering. 


Contact Information

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Needham
148 Chestnut Street
Needham, MA 02492