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What Not to Bring

We ask that you leave the following items at home:


Valuables such as large amounts of cash, credit cards and jewelry should be left at home. If you bring these items, you will be requested to send them home or to place them in the hospital's safe. For your protection, valuables may not be kept at the bedside.


Please leave all medications, including aspirin, nitroglycerin and inhalers at home. If you have medication with you, please tell your nurse so that it can be sent home or kept in the pharmacy and returned to you upon discharge. It is helpful for you to carry an updated list of your current medications and your known drug allergies.

Electrically Operated Equipment

Due to electrical safety restrictions, we request that you not bring any electrically operated appliances, such as radios and televisions. The Engineering Department will test any items that are specifically requested by you, or by your physician, prior to use in the hospital.

Cellular Phones

The use of cellular phones is not permitted in patient care areas. Cellular phones may be used immediately outside of the hospital or in administrative areas (eg. front lobby, waiting areas, conference rooms). Your cooperation will help to ensure patient safety and comfort.

Contact Information

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