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Diagnostic x-ray imaging is the utilization of ionizing radiation to produce high quality images of various parts of the body. It is the original field from which radiology was developed and still is the most common form utilized today.

The staff in Lexington provides routine diagnostic x-ray to a large population of pediatric and adult patients on a walk-in basis. Some of the routine diagnostic x-rays would include: chest, abdomen, bone, head and spine.

As with all radiology exams, an order from your physician is required.

Exam Preparation:

No special preparation is necessary.

Women should alert their physician and technologist if there is a chance they are pregnant

What will happen in the x-ray room?

X-rays are fast, easy and painless. Depending on the body part imaged, you may be asked to change into a hospital gown. Any jewelry or metal objects such as a belt will need to be removed.

You will be seated, standing or lying on a table depending on the type of x-ray you are to have. The technologist will put you in the proper position to obtain the best view. The image will then be taken.

The technologist will ask you to wait a short period of time to determine if the images are satisfactory and assess if any additional imaging is needed.

CR or computerized radiography is utilized in Lexington, so all images are stored on a computer. This aids in immediate viewing which shortens the time for interpretation and reporting.

Who will do my exam?

A licensed technologist who is regiserted through the ARRT, (American Registry of Radioloic Technologists).

Exam Results:

Upon completion of the exam, a radiologist from either BIDMC or Children’s Hospital will interpret your exam. Your doctor will be contacted with the results.

Hours of Operation

Examinations are performed Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

For more information please call 781-528-2520.

Contact Information

482 Bedford Street
Lexington, MA 02420