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Pelvic Exam Preparation


A pelvic ultrasound in females looks primarily at the uterus amnd ovaries, but the bladder may also be visualized. In males, the pelvic ultrasound usually focuses on the bladder and the prostate gland.

Exam Preparation:

You may eat regular meals prior to the exam. The only special preparation is to have a full bladder at the time of your exam. Therefore, you should drink 32 ounces of water (four eight-ounce glasses, or one quart), before the exam. Start drinking it one hour before the exam and finish drinking it half an hour before the exam. Do not urinate before the exam.

What will happen during my exam?

How is the exam performed? The patient lies on a table with the abdominal area exposed. The sonographer (technologist who performs the exam) will put a warm water-based gel on the skin surface. The gel helps to transmit the sound waves by excluding air. An instrument called a transducer, which is about the size of a microphone, will be moved over the skin surface by the sonographer.

When more detailed views of the uterus, ovaries or surrounding tissues are required, a special sterilized high resolution probe may be utilized by scanning through the vagina.

Who will do my exam?

A licensed technologist who is registered through the ARDMS, (American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers).

How long will the exam take?

 About 30 minutes.

Will it hurt?


Exam Results:

Upon completion of the exam, a radiologist from BIDMC or Children's Hospital will interpret your exam. Your doctor will be contacted with the results.

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