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Labor and Delivery



It's time! You are feeling the first signs of labor. Now what?

Our goal is to maximize your and your baby's health. We combine exceptional health care along with a very personal touch. We want to give you the birth experience you desire, whether it is natural childbirth, the maximum pain relief available, or anything in between.

Experiencing the first signs of labor can be both exciting and scary as you know your baby is on the way. The navigation to the left provides general information about the signs and stages of labor, pain relief during delivery, and some procedures that may need to be performed to help with the delivery of a newborn. Please check with your own physician for specific information relating to your pregnancy.

After your delivery, you will be transferred to a private room on the postpartum floor. Here, you will receive care by your primary nurse, who will support you and your partner as you learn to care for your baby. All of our postpartum nurses have completed special breastfeeding training.

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