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Cognitive Neurologists are neurologists with expertise in a variety of complex neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders with a focus on diagnosis and treatment of such illnesses; patients are commonly referred by other medical specialists or primary care providers for further assessment and care. Evaluation focuses on obtaining a comprehensive medical history and detailed examination to clarify cognitive and behavioral consequences of a neurological illness. These clinicians also integrate findings from the treatment team neuropsychological assessment, social work, neuropsychiatry) and diagnostic findings (e.g., neuroimaging, blood work, CSF analysis) to aid in diagnosis and determine an appropriate treatment plan for management of symptoms.

Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD PhD; Chief, Division of Cognitive Neurology; Director, Berenson-Allen Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation
Dan Press, MD, Clinical Director, Division of Cognitive Neurology
Albert M. Galaburda, MD; Cognitive Neurologist
Michael Alexander, MD; Cognitive Neurologist
Tamara G. Fong, MD PhD; Cognitive Neurologist
Simon Laganiere, MD; Cognitive Neurologist
Chun Lim, MD PhD; Cognitive Neurologist
Alexandra Stillman, MD; Cognitive Neurologist
Stephanie Changeau, RN, BSN, FNP-BC; Nurse Practitioner

Neuropsychiatrists are psychiatry specialists integrating the science of psychiatry with the treatment of patients with neurological illnesses. They contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of patients with neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental conditions to treat emotional and behavioral symptoms, working with other clinicians within the multidisciplinary team. Care focuses on developing a treatment plan regarding psychopharmacological and behavioral interventions.

Mark Thall, MD; Director, Neuropsychiatry
Adam Stern, MD; Neuropsychiatrist
Jaya Padmanabhan, MD; Neuropsychiatrist

Neuropsychologists provide objective and comprehensive assessment to quantify difficulties in concentration, problem solving, memory, language, and visual abilities as well as emotional symptoms.  A patient-centered approach addresses the individual’s unique cognitive, emotional and behavioral challenges related to neurological, neurodevelopmental or neuropsychiatric conditions.  Assessment goals include differential diagnosis and identification of supportive interventions to maximize each person’s quality of life.  

Margaret O’Connor, PhD, ABPP; Director, Neuropsychology
Sara Hoffschmidt, PhD; Clinical Neuropsychologist
Nancy Madigan, PhD; Clinical Neuropsychologist
Lindsay Miarmi, PhD; Clinical Neuropsychologist
Karen Torres, PsyD; Clinical Neuropsychologist
Joan Sweeney; Psychometrist
Yoko Okado, Psychometrist

Clinical Social Workers provide a broad range of services. They are an integral part of many specialized interdisciplinary teams working with patients, families and community providers. Often social work involvement starts at the point of a new diagnosis. The goal at this critical time is to understand the impact of the illness, maximizing coping strengths of the individual. Community resources can be identified to help in this process; we utilize the expertise of our Community Resource Specialist for this. Periodic meetings allow problems that may arise to be resolved. Our approach includes the needs of family members who may be "hidden patients" also needing education and emotional support. Social Work interventions focus both on the current issues as well as planning for future needs. Clinical Social Workers take leadership roles in specialized programs such as DriveWise, groups for patients with depression and Wellness Programs through the Brain Fit Club. All of the work supports maintaining the highest level of independence and emotional wellbeing for our patients and families.

Lissa Kapust, LICSW, Director, Social Work
Allison Troy, LICSW, MSW, Social Worker
Meredith Nelson, LICSW, MSW, Social Worker
Ann Hollis, OTR, Occupational Therapist

Contact Information

Cognitive Neurology Unit
Department of Neurology
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
330 Brookline Avenue
Boston, MA 02215